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Deep-Sea Echinoderms of New Zealand

Astropecten Gray, 1840

Astropecten Gray, 1840

Astropecten primigenius Mortensen
  • Mortensen, Th. 1925. Vid. Medd. dansk. naturh. For., 79, p. 272–4, Figs. 2–3, Pl. XII, Figs. 1–2.

Material Examined: Six specimens, from the following stations—250–300 fathoms, Canyon B, off east Otago, Dom. Mus. Station B.S.191, 1 specimen; 150 fathoms, Cook Strait, VUZ Station 98, 2 specimens; 105 fathoms, Mernoo Bank, Station 1, Chatham Island Exped. 1954; 61 fathoms, Mernoo Bank, Station 2, 2 specimens.

Mortensen's type was from 30 fathoms (north of Cuvier Island). The species has not hitherto been taken from deep water.

Astropecten dubiosus Mortensen
  • Mortensen, Th. 1925. Vid. Medd. dansk. naturh. For., 79, p. 269–72, Fig. 1, Plate XII, Figs. 3–4.

Material Examined: 1 specimen taken by the Alert, 113–120 fathoms, off Mayor Island, Bay of Plenty, Dom. Mus. Station B.S.208.

The specimen resembles the holotype, but is a little larger, R 40 mm, r 9 mm. It exhibits the same features as those which distinguished the holotype from Astropecten imbellis Sladen, so that Mortensen's belief that the two species are distinct seems to receive confirmation.

Astropecten sp.

A young individual R 6 mm from 400 fathoms, off Mayor Island, Dom. Mus. Station B.S. 210, is insufficiently developed for identification. The terminal plate carries three prominent spines, much more robust than any developed on the marginal plates. The record seems to imply the existence of one other species of Astropecten in New Zealand abyssal waters.