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Deep-Sea Echinoderms of New Zealand



  • Astroporpa wilsoni Bell
  • Astrothorax waitei (Bell)
  • Astroceras elegans (Bell)
  • Astrobrachion constrictum (Farquhar)
  • Ophiacantha rosea Lyman
  • Ophiacantha abyssicola otagoensis var. nov.
  • Ophiacantha yepratica Lyman
  • Ophiacantha vilis Mortensen
  • Ophiactis hirta Lyman
  • Ophiactis profundi novaezelandiae Mortensen
  • Ophiactis resiliens Lyman
  • Amphiura heraldica Fell
  • Amphiura norae Benham
  • Amphiura pusilla Farquhar
  • Amphiura hinemoae Mortensen
  • Amphiura aster Farquhar
  • Amphipholis squamata (Delle Chiaje)
  • Amphioplus longirima Fell
  • Ophiocentrus novaezelandiae Gislén
  • Placophiothrix aristulata (Lyman)
  • Ophiocoma bollonsi Farquhar page 3
    Plate 1

    Plate 1

    A, G, Hippasteria trojana sp. nov.; A, adambulacrals 5 to 7 and associated structures; G, superomarginals 4 and 5. B, Anthenoides granulosus Fisher, adambulacrals 23 and 24, showing enlargement of sub-ambulacral spines. C, Plutonaster knoxi sp. nov., adambulacrals 6 to 8, and adjoining structures. D, E, Benthopecten pentacanthus sp. nov.; D, oral, adambulacral and inferomarginal plates; E, aboral aspect of holotype. F, H, Cheiraster richardsoni sp. nov.; F, oral, adambulacral, intermediate and inferomarginal plates; H, four single and one double paxillar florets, with an abactinal pectinate pedicellaria.

    page 4
  • Pectinura gracilis Mortensen
  • Ophiura chathamensis Fell
  • Ophiuraster symmetricus sp. nov.
  • Ophiomisidium irene Fell
  • Ophiomastus tegulitius Lyman
  • Ophiomastus stellamaris Fell