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Deep-Water Crustacea of the Genus Sergestes (Decapoda, Natantia) from Cook Strait, New Zealand

Synopsis of the Subgenus Sergia

page 9

Synopsis of the Subgenus Sergia

1 (4) Dermal photophores (lens-bearing or lens-less) present on body and appendages.
2 (3) Photophores of the lens-bearing type The "S. challengeri" group. S. prehensilis Bate, 1881 (syn. S. gloriosus Stebbing); S. challengeri Hansen, 1903; S. fulgens Hansen, 1919; S. lucens Hansen, 1922; S. talismani Barnard, 1947 (nov. nom. for S. splendens Hansen); S. scintillans Burkenroad, 1940, and S. stellatus Burkenroad, 1940.
3 (2) Photophores of the lens-less"opaque spot" type The "S. robustus" group. S. robustus Smith. 1882; S. bisulcatus Wood-Mason, 1891; S. phorcus Faxon, 1893; S. gardineri Kemp, 1913; S. splendens Sund, 1920 (syn. S. richardi Hansen, S. crassus Hansen); S. grandis Sund, 1920; S. plumeus Illig, 1927; S. regalis Gordon, 1939; S. creber Burkenroad, 1940; S. extenuatus Burkenroad, 1940; S. maxim us Burkenroad, 1940; S. potens Burkenroad, 1940; S. bigemmeus Burkenroad, 1940; S. inequalis Burkenroad, 1940, and S. filictum Burkenroad. 1940.
4 (1) No dermal photophores present on body or appendages. Integument membraneous The "S. japonicus" group. S. tenuiremis Kröyer, 1855; S. japonicus Bate, 1881 (syn. S. mollis Smith); S. kröyeri Bate, 1881 (syn. S. tropicus Sund); S. profundus Bate, 1888; S. inous Faxon, 1893 and S. laminatus Burkenroad, 1940.
Incertae sedis S. colosii Cecchini, 1933 (description not seen), and S. (Sergestes) sundi Dennell, 1955 (nomen nudum apparently an unpublished name supplied by Burkenroad, see p. 393).