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Deep-Water Crustacea of the Genus Sergestes (Decapoda, Natantia) from Cook Strait, New Zealand

Checklist of Sergestidae Recorded from New Zealand Waters

Checklist of Sergestidae Recorded from New Zealand Waters

In addition to the species of Sergestes discussed above, a single species of the aberrant, pelagic genus Lucifer V. Thompson*and an unknown sergestid, referred to as "Gurney's larva", have been recorded from the New Zealand area.

"Leucifer batei" Borradaile was recorded from a Terra Nova Expedition plankton haul off the North Auckland Peninsula by Borradaile (1916). In an extensive review of Lucifer, published by Hansen in 1919, this species was placed in the synonymy of the widespread, Atlantic and Indopacific Lucifer typus M.-Edwards.

In 1924, Gurney described a series of sergestid larval stages, collected by the Terra Nova in the New Zealand area, as "Petalidium foliaceum Bate?", later regarding them (Gurney and Lebour, 1940) as probably belonging to the genus Sicyonella Borradaile. Burkenroad (1945: 587), referring to this type of sergestid larvae as "Gurney's larva", predicted that they will belong to an "as yet undiscovered sergestid genus" related to Peisos and looked for as "a natant form ... a suspension feeder commonly ranging just off the bottom (but spawning closer to the surface) in the cold waters at fairly considerable depths over the outer slopes of the continental shelves off South Africa, Tasmania, New Zealand and perhaps southern South America."

Family Sergestidae

Subfamily Sergestinae
Sergestes M.-Edwards, 1830

  • S. (Sergestes) cf. S. seminudus Hansen, 1919.
  • S. (Sergestes) disjunctus Burkenroad, 1940.
  • S. (Sergestes) arcticus Kröyer, 1855.
  • S. (Sergestes) index Burkenroad, 1940.
  • S. (Sergia) potens Burkenroad, 1940.
  • S. (Sergia) japonicus Bate, 1881.

Incertae Sedis

Gurney's larva.

Subfamily Luciferinae
Lucifer V. Thompson, 1830

Lucifer typus M.-Edwards, 1837.

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* The relative claims of the two generic names Lucifer Vaughan Thompson 1830 (? preoccupied by Linné 1760) and Leucifer Milne-Edwards, 1837, is discussed in Barnard (1950: 644).