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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola—First Supplement



Since my Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola was published in 1951, there has been a considerable growth of interest in the Collembola due partly to an increasing awareness in scientific circles of the importance of these insects, and partly also to the entry of new taxonomists into this interesting systematic field. As a result, many new papers dealing with these insects have been published and a number of new genera have been erected.

Various errors and omissions in the original paper have been brought to my notice by my further researches and through the interest and kindness of my colleagues, to all of whom I should like to take this opportunity of expressing my appreciation and thanks for their help.

For these reasons, therefore, it seemed to me that a supplementary paper was now needed, correcting and bringing the original up to date. This supplement I now offer, and in so doing would point out that the bibliographical numbers have been continued from 1202 as the second, or supplementary, list in alphabetical order. The numbers 1202–1216, contained in the Addendum to the original paper, have been cancelled and these papers incorporated in their correct positions into the supplementary list. Papers by present-day authors may now be found in the supplement as well as in the original bibliography.

J. T. Salmon
Victoria University College,
Wellington, New Zealand.
30th June, 1956.