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Echinoderms from Southern New Zealand



Fifty species are discussed. Two genera. Ctenamphiura and Ophiomisidium, are reported for the first time from New Zealand. The former has hitherto been known only from two specimens of Ctenamphiura maxima (Lyman) which were taken by H.M.S. Challenger in 1874 in Torres Straits, Seven new sea-stars are described, Henricia ralphae, Ctenamphiura dawbini, Amphiura heraldica, Amphioplus longirima, Ophiura chathomensis, Ophiomisidium irene, Ophiomastus stellamaris. The presence of a large mixed population of Psilaster, Persephonaster, and Sclerasterias on the sub-littoral mud-banks off Cape Campbell is recorded. In the Southern Fiords, Amphiura alba, Amphiura hinemoae, and Peronella hinemoae are found to be present, all three species having previously been known only from northern New Zealand, and are still unknown from any intermediate point of the 700 miles of coastal seas which intervene. The ophiuroid Pectinura maculata, living in twelve to fifteen fathoms in Dusky Sound, was found to have been selectively feeding upon the anthers and pollen of Southern Beech (Nothofagus). Ecological data are given.