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Four New Species of Fresh-water Ciliates from New Zealand



B.G. Basal granules C.M. Ciliary meridians Cst. Cytostome Cy Cytopharynx C.Z. Ciliary zone of the cytopharynx D.M. Disc margin D.My. Disc myonemes E.F. Ectoplasmic flange F. Possible oesophageal fibrils. Kn. Anterior terminal knob M1, M2, M3 Membranelles of the cytopharynx Mac. Macronucleus My. Myonemes of the body My.Ag. Aggregations of myonemes My.Z. Myoneme zone of the cytopharynx P.O. Post-oral ciliary meridians P.S. Pre-oral suture U.M. Undulating membrane.