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Four New Species of Fresh-water Ciliates from New Zealand



Four new species of freshwater ciliates are described. Glaucoma kirki, 25 to 45 mu long and up to 24 mu wide, has a relatively very large macronucleus, broad ectoplasmic flange, uniseriate undulating membrane, biseriate membranelle 1, four to six rows of cilia in membranelle 2 and biseriate membranelle 3; a wide pre-oral suture and an anterior terminal knob, both devoid of cilia; and five to six post-oral ciliary rows. Stentor loricata is up to 1150 mu long, with the proportion disc-width to length approximately 1:4.5; dark green pigment granules; myonemes more numerous on the ventral than on the lateral and dorsal surfaces; vermiform macronucleus and large lorica. Stentor rubra, coloured rose-pink, is narrowly conical; up to 448 mu long, with the length 4.5 or 5 times the disc-width; the disc does not protrude and has a deep rim-like margin, on the inner side of the base of which arises the adoral wreath which is narrowly incomplete ventrally; macro-nucleus subspherical or oval, and four or five vesicular micronuclei. Uroleptus setiformis, 165 to 204 mu long and 45 to 60 mu wide, possesses an anterior and a posterior collecting canal to the contractile vacuole; a caudal process curved to the right; peristome one-quarter to one-third the body length with an undulating membrane on its right; lateral and dorsal rows of setae, and three frontal cirri, which are set obliquely across the anterior extremity.