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[Letters related to the case of George Von Zedlitz]

[Letter to Clement Watson from Professor Von Zedlitz. 20th November]

page break
Lower Hutt

Dear Mr. Watson

I forgot
to mention to you yesterday
the name of
Dr. Lodewyckx
who it available might
suit very well for a
temporary post at Victoria
College in my place. When
I last heard of him
somewhere about a year
ago, he was teaching at
the Church of England
Grammar School, Melbourne.
page break He is a French-speaking
Belgian, well qualified
to teach German up to
our highest standards, and
has taught in one of the
South African University
Colleges, Stellenbosch [unclear: &]
[unclear: family]. I know nothing of
his references, but he
is a pleasant fellow to
meet, & if you have any
hesitations or difficulties
in connection with [unclear: Mrs]
McPhail, it might perhaps
be [unclear: convienent] to you to
know about him now in
case you want a second
[unclear: Sking] to your [gap — reason: illegible]. Perhaps
Picken might sound him
to you as to terms etc. He
could undertake all my
work leaving Mrs M. as
[unclear: hither] to.

Faithfully yours.

G.W. von Zedlitz