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[Letters related to the case of George Von Zedlitz]

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To the Chairman and Members of the Victoria University College Council.


We, the undersigned students of Modern Languages at Victoria University College, respectfully beg to make to you the following representations.

We beg that, in considering the retention or otherwise of the services of Professor von Zedlitz, you will take into account—
  • (1) The advancement of the interests of Victoria University College due to Professor von Zedlitz’s long period of loyal service.
  • (2) The fact that Professor von Zedlitz has never, in our hearing, given utterance to any opinion or teaching which would in any way be likely to weaken the loyalty and affection of students for Great Britain and the British Empire.
  • (3) The prejudicial effect on the interests of students of Modern Languages of the withdrawal of Professor von Zedlitz’s services as a teacher.

In making these representations, we do not in any way wish to intrude upon the Council’s consideration of this matter, but merely page break to testify, as we, members of his classes, are peculiarly able to do, to the honourable way in which the Professor has conducted these classes since the outbreak of war, and to record our unbounded confidence in his continuing so to do.

Dated the 28th day of May, 1915

x o

E. [unclear: G.] Morris

  • o B.A. xLouis Gavin
  • o 3 xEdith J. Crawford
  • o 3 xEdith Martin
  • o 3 xEthel M. Bell
  • 2 xCecilia Dwyer
  • o 2 xDorothy Hawley
  • o B.A. xDorice C. Hunt
  • o 2 xKate MacKenzie
  • 2 xHenrietta Beacker
  • B.A. xEsther M. North
  • B.A. oChas. J. Cooke
  • 2 x [unclear: Hugo] Alex. Mackenzie
  • 2 o A. Cumming
  • o M.A. xW. Hine
  • 1 o Connie Shields
  • 1 o Olive Hunt
  • 1 o Iris W. [gap — reason: illegible]
  • 1 [unclear: Kora Wevlin]
  • 1 [unclear: Esidora [gap — reason: illegible]]
  • 1 o May Mudford
  • 1 o Edith M. Woods
  • 1 o M. G. Parsons
  • 2. xL. [unclear: Lutch]
  • 2 o Theodora H Pope
  • o W. Craighead
  • 1 o Peter Filfedder
  • 1 o Eric K. Rishworth
  • 2 o W. F. [unclear: Hailshoon]
  • 1 o J. Cody
  • 3 o Dorothy Junker
  • 1 o Jean McDonald
  • 1 o Dorothy Bisset
  • M.A.x Elizabeth M. Shriver 91911-14)
  • 2 x D. [unclear: G. Bowler]
  • B.A. x A. J. Graham
  • o M.A. M. C. Clachan
  • o 2 x Eleanor Kidston
  • 1 o Katherine Kernot
  • 1 o Dora Johnstone
  • 1 o Dorothy Bingham
  • 3 x J.D.H. Hall
  • 1 o J. Edmondson
  • 1 o A. Lake
  • 3 x Marietta Richmond
  • 3 x G.H. Atkinson
  • for Hons. o Carrie P. Wallace
  • 3 x J R O'Halloran
  • 1 o J. A. Wiseman
  • 1 o J. A. Wilson
  • 1 o Dorothey Mainland