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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2008-09: VUWAE 53



As applicable discuss your initial period at Scott Base relating to:

Reception and planning for your event

The reception was well organised, friendly and efficient. The main issues of the event were promptly discussed and organised.

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Availability and condition of equipment received, noting any work required by your party to make the equipment serviceable

Overall, field equipment was in good condition and acceptable for our deployment. However, some items had been fully allocated and hence were not available for this project. This includes small tents, sleeping bags, gas bottles for cookers, fuel spill kits etc). We would like to thank Scott Base staff for providing alternative solutions.

Antarctic Field training and any additional or specialist training

The refresher training was efficient and useful.

Field party equipment 'shakedown' journey

Not applicable

Delays at Scott Base, whatever the cause

Weather delays postponed our visits to Skinner Saddle on three occasions.

Safety and Risk Management processes

The risk management process is useful.

General comments about Scott Base (If you feel that any service was poorly carried out by support staff at Scott Base, please make a note of this, but include a positive recommendation for the improvement of this service. You should also have raised this at Scott Base at the time to enable improvements to be made)

I would like to thank Scott Base staff for their very efficient, professional, and above and beyond support with our programme! I'm particularly grateful for the field support of Nathan Cross, Lyall Cross, and Paul Roger.