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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2008-09: VUWAE 53

Equipment installed/left in field

Equipment installed/left in field

List any equipment, markers, stakes or cairns installed in the field during your visit. Upon completion of your event there should be no trace of any equipment or markers, etc., unless permitted to do so. This should include the removal of any constructed stone cairns. If any equipment installed and/or remaining in the field, provide:
Type of equipment/marker installed Year of installatio n Location (name and coordinates) Number of items left in field Dimension (in metres: H, W, L) Removal status*
Automatic weather station 2007 Skinner Saddle, 80°55′54.66″S, 159°30′11.56″E 1 3m, 4m, 4m Ongoing Use
Automatic weather station 2004 Evans Piedmont Glacier 76°43.5335′ S, 162°35.2940′E 1 3m, 4m, 4m Ongoing Use
Mass balance device 2004 Evans Piedmont Glacier 76°43.5335′ S, 162°35.2940′E 1 20cm (∼12m below surface) × 3cm × 3cm Ongoing Use
Mass balance device 1999 Victoria Lower Glacier 77°19′48.31″S, 162°31′55.29″E 2 0.5m (∼12m below surface) × 3cm × 3cm Ongoing Use
If equipment has been left in the photograph of the installation(s): field please provide a justification and insert or append a photograph of the installation(s):
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Automatic Weather Station:
The meteorological data will be used to establish transfer functions between ice core proxies and atmospheric parameters. The AWS records temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, snow accumulation, snow temperature, pressure, and solar radiation. Both sites have identical weather stations. The figure shows the set-up at Skinner Saddle
Mass Balance Device:
The mass balance data are used to establish the longer term mass balance of coastal ice masses in Antarctica. We measure the net loss or gain via submergence velocity measurements. We will remove as much of the device as possible once the base is buried too far below the surface to continue the measurements. Both sites have similar mass balance set-ups. The figure shows the set-up at Victoria Lower Glacier