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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2008-09: VUWAE 53



Comment on the following where appropriate. In all cases, fully explain any modification made by you to this equipment during the season. Positive suggestions are encouraged for the improvement of all equipment.

Quality, suitability and performance of field clothing issued to you by Antarctica New Zealand

The new field clothing is functional, of high quality, well thought through, and attractive. Small improvements could be made for the fleece trousers (too thin and hence cold) and the ECW jacket is missing a 'skirt', preventing cold air to enter in cold, windy condition. I found in particular the down-jacket and wind-shell combination very useful. Overall, I would like to congratulate Antarctica NZ and the manufacturer for this excellent new range of clothing!

Performance and design of field equipment such as tents, technical climbing equipment, kitchen gear, stoves, sleep kits and sledges

Field equipment was in short supply this year, but was received in good and well maintained conditions.

20 person day ration box or bulk food system. Include suggestions to improve the packaging of items or improve palatability and calorific value

Not applicable

Condition and performance of 'wannigans'

Not applicable

Performance and use of generators, spill kits, alternative energy systems

We used a 2kVA generator, which was provided well maintained and tested.

Specialised field equipment (e.g. Sipre hand auger, Jiffy auger)

Not applicable

Other comments