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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2004-05: VUWAE 49

One Planet polar tent

One Planet polar tent.

This tent was used on Erebus saddle (Fig.12) and performed well in high snowfall conditions and winds of at least 50 knots where it remained stable. We initially considered that the fixed tent floor could be dangerous and lock in the inmates if the tent blew away in extreme weather but this was less of a concern as we became more confident of the tent and the open vestibule floor reduces this risk. The tent was pitched with the vestibule down-wind so that the entrance was partially side to the wind where it remained relatively free of snow. The tent with the vestibule is more complicated to put up than the standard polar tent and is probably better suited for longer-term camps rather than overnight. In comparison to the standard tent the lighter nylon inner probably make the tent warmer in sunny conditions but it will also be more difficult to erect in windy conditions. We did not cook in this tent and the vestibule was used to store personnel kit, wet/frozen clothing and boots. We are undecided if cooking should be done in the main tent or in the vestibule which could be a less safe option as the primus would be in the way of the exit and the tent ceiling is lower.

  • A separate cut floor is required for the vestibule.
  • An emergency knife should be part of the tent kit.
  • The tent bag should be made big enough to accommodate the inner wall in the attached position and the extra poles.
  • Bungee cord in the poles like the standard folding polar tents may be an advantage.
  • The door material is very stiff in temperatures below −10°C and the plastic extremely difficult to use. A more flexible door material, additional Velcro incorporated with the buckles and a Velcro closure like the standard tents should be considered.
Fig. 12: One Planet Polar Tent at Mt Erebus Saddle.

Fig. 12: One Planet Polar Tent at Mt Erebus Saddle.