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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2002-03: VUWAE 47

*Event Diary

*Event Diary

SB=Scott Base; PV=Pearse Valley; VV=Victoria ValleyCA=Cliff Atkins; CC=Camilla Colebatch; DN=David Neil; DP=Daniel Pringle; HM=Hamish McGowan; JT=Joe Trodahl; WD=Warren Dickinson
Date Main Activities and Location Other Comments
10 Nov Arrive in ChCh, kit-up
11 Mon Depart for SB at 9:00am, boomerang back to ChCh due to weather at SB
12 Tue Depart for SB at 8:30am, arrive at 2:30pm, briefing and AFT briefing
13 Wed SB, NW & CC AFT; CA & WD pack field equipment windy conditions with snow,-14C
14 Thu SB, NW & CC complete AFT; CA & WD pack field equipment beautiful walk on the sea ice
15 Fri SB, testing and final packing of field equipment,repacking of food boxes
16 Sat SB to Table Mt, NW,WD,JT&DP 1st helo; CA&CC 2nd last minute swap of polar tents
17 Sun TM, recon walk around the area wind picking up,very windy night
18 Mon TM, OSL sampling, recon Columnar Vly and reprogram temp probes late finish
19 Tue TM, shallow drilling on polygons in Columnar Vly, finish recon late finish, need a bigger drill
20 Wed TM to Pearse Valley, Pringle to SB; short recon walk around Lake House end of PV Pearse Vly much warmer
21 Thu PV, NW&CC dig 5 pit; CA&WD recon late dinner at 10:30pm
22 Fri PV, NW,WD&CC core one pit,CA recon Lake House area late dinner at 10:45pm
23 Sat PV, core and OSL sample another pit, dig 3 more pits windy and cold evening
24 Sun PV, recon of dunes, CC to Lake Joyce & Taylor glacier tongue late dinner at 11pm
25 Mon PV, NW&WD OSL sampling at dunes; CA&CC dig pits cold evening −16C
26 Tue PV, CA,CA&CC core + sample third pit, NW petrography@camp dinner at 10pm
27 Wed PV, CA&WD further recon, NW&CC OSL sampling; DV visit @2pm Helo move confirmed
28 Thu PV, walk to Lake Joyce Taylor glacier tongue, dig more pits confusion about helo sched
29 Fri PV to Vic Vly for CA, NW & WD; DN, HM, DW SB to VV; CC to SB just made it to SB,weather bad
30 Sat VV, rec, interviews by DW early start
1 DEC VV,recon walk to the dunes, DV visit @3:45pm, sieving of samples DW retro SB with DV's
2 Mon VV, surveying, pit digging and drilling at the dunes
3 Tue VV, GPS survey of dunes, check and relocation of weather stations
4 Wed VV, recon of Victoria glacier tongue, collect samples form sediment traps
5 Thu VV, OSL sampling and surveying
6 Fri VV, NW completed GPS survey of dunes, weather stations relocated
7 Sat VV, rest of the surveys completed, filming at Packard Glacier,visit Lake Vida Packard Stm flowing
8 Sun VV, OSL and ice samples from Victoria glacier
9 Mon VV to SB NW DN 1st helo & WD, CA, HM on 2end;10a start Endura tent difficult to pack
10 Tue SB, cleaning, sorting & packing of field equipment
11Wed SB to ChCh-WD,HM,DN & CC Av Wgtn 8ppage 3
12 Thu SB to ChCh CA
13 Fri SB to ChCh NW