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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2002-03: VUWAE 47




Reception and planning for your event:

The K047 primary objective supported by Antarctica NZ was to carry out sampling of the sand dunes in the Pearse and Victoria Valleys, and to undertake reconnaissance glaciomorphological mapping and sampling of massive ground ice in Pearse Valley. Because there were only 4 people associated with the event, logistical planning was minimal. Selection of actual campsites in each of the valleys was accomplished largely by relying on previous year's campsites. Scott Base personnel provided excellent support. There was a minor incident during the first fly-out of event personnel when the second load of passengers and equipment was allocated a US helo transport in the last minute. The straight-pole polar tent had to be exchanged to a foldable polar tent due to the restrictions by the US helo programme (transport of polar tents on the skids is not permitted) and there was no time to put the tent up to check it – this particular tent turned out to be very difficult to put up due to a problem in one of the supporting poles.


Availability and condition of equipment received:

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The equipment made available to K047 from Scott Base was in good condition and performed well in the field with the exception of two primus stoves (box type). All Scott Base equipment was tested and repacked at Scott Base. However, it was difficult to obtain equipment that was not on the original request list, prepared 3 months in advance. The reason is largely because of the limited resources at Scott Base and the large number of field parties that must be supported. Obtaining equipment (because of an altered situation) at the last minute is always problematic.


Field training:

AFT was undertaken by Nicola Wilson Camilla Colebatch Joe Trodahl and Daniel Pringle; Cliff Atkins and Warren Dickinson had a refresher course.


Delays at Scott Base, whatever the cause:

There was a one day delay (only for Colebatch) for the flight out from Scott Base on 10 December, this was due to the weather conditions.


Safety and Risk Management Processes:

These processes were discussed with Jim Cowie, operations manager, prior to departure for the field.