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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2002-03: VUWAE 47


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Date Main Activities and Location Other Comments
16-30 Dec. Preparing Aalener sledge for Hot Water Drill at Scott Base Johno Leitch
Preparing Camp Containers, CRP DS Lab and equipment at Scott Base Johno Leitch, SB staff.
30 Dec. E. Dunker, U. Nixdorf, A. Pyne; Chch to Scott Base
31Dec.-4 Jan. Assembly and testing equipment at SB -Willy Rd. transition. Preparing traverse loads Assisted by SB plant ops. (Kim and Gus)
4 Jan. G. Dunbar, D. Mason; Chch to Scott Base
3-5 Jan. Traverse equipment to MISHWD-1 site. Start camp setup.
5 Jan. Move site west along seismic line to HWD-1 site.
6 - 7 Jan. Camp setup, Vehicle licences, started making water with HWD
7 Jan. P. Barrett, L. Carter, G. Giorgetti, F. Niessen, C. Riesselman, N. Robinson; Chch to SB
8- 12 Jan. Drilled HWD-1 hole. Down hole reamer fitting lost and new hole drilled 3 m away
8 Jan. Preparing equipment and laboratory operation at Scott Base.
10 Jan. Sea ice site for Broadband Deployment, site BB2, Kassbohrer drilled hole.
11 Jan. BB2 site, recovered instrument for checking and set up snow box (box brownie) around hole.
14 Jan. HWD-1. Started current meter (S4) and water bottle sampling. Winch motor problems, used skidoo. Multiple water bottle array stuck under ice, recovered at slack water.
15-16 Jan. Winch operating with SB electric motor. 24 hour current profiling and water sampling.
16-17 Jan. Completed current profiling and water sampling. Calliper log of hole and coring and grab of sea floor. Reamed hole for ADCP mooring.
18 Jan. Deployed ADCP mooring. Some personnel return to Scott Base.
19 Jan. Fuelling and camp maintenance. Johno camp caretaking
20-21 Jan. Storm, condition 1-2 on Willy Rd. Some personnel return to HWD-1 camp on 21 Jan. during short weather break.
22 Jan. Dig out and recover ADCP mooring (86 hour duration). Personnel to HWD-1 camp for instrument download.
23 Jan. Start camp pack up and move. HWD-2 site located and camp moved for overnight occupation. Some personnel to Scott Base. Johno and Gus
24 Jan. Set up Hwd-2 campsite. Move remaining equipment form HWD-1 to HWD-2 site.
25 Jan. Preparing HWD equipment, make start-up water and complete camp setup. Personnel to site
26 Jan. Drill HWD-2. Ice thickness approx 144 m.
27 Jan. Reaming hole Visitors from SB
28 Jan. Started 24 current profiling and water sampling
28 Jan. L. Carter return Chch.
29 Jan. Completed water column profiling. Coring and grab sampling of the sea floor Visitors from Crary Lab & McMurdo.
30 Jan. Calliper log and reaming hole. Prepare ADCP mooring.
31 Jan. Deploy ADCP mooring Caretaking at site, some personnel return to SB and return to site.
1 Feb. Personnel to site for mooring recovery, recover mooring started at 2300 hrs.
2 Feb. 3.5Khz and further coring of the sea floor. Preparing instruments for return to NZ and transport to Scott Base.
3 Feb. Set up mini HWD on Hagglund sledge for sea ice mooring recovery. Recover sea ice BB ADCP.
4 Feb. Break camp and start return of equipment to the SB transition.
5 Feb Packing for Ship Cargo, returning camp/equipment to SB
5 Feb. P Barrett return Chch. page 13
6 Feb Helicopter recon. To New Harbour and Black Island, proposed ANDRILL sites. (Dunker, Nixdorf & Pyne)
7-9 Feb. Packing up equipment and laboratories at Scott Base.
9 Feb. F. Niessen & A. Pyne return to Chch.
10 Feb. G. Dunbar, E. Dunker, G. Giorgetti, J. Leitch, D. Mason, U. Nixdorf, C. Riesselman & N. Robinson return Chch.
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Fig. 7. The K-042 team at work at Site 2.

Fig. 7. The K-042 team at work at Site 2.