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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 2002-03: VUWAE 47

4. Publications

page 10

4. Publications

Work planned on data and samples collected by K-042 is outlined in Tables 4a and b below.

Table 4. Proposed reports and papers based on data and sea floor samples.
a) On site scientists
Lead authors Institution Nature/content of report/paper
P Barrett VUW Scientific Report to AntarcticaNZ.
Poster for AGU/EGA/EUG, Nice (with help from G. Dunbar & others).
P Barrett VUW Scientific Report on McMurdo Ross Ice Shelf study
VUW publication with contributions from whole party
A Pyne VUW Logistics Report to AntarcticaNZ.
Report to ANDRILL on current measurements for design of sea riser.
G Dunbar VUW Sedimentation beneath the McMurdo/Ross Ice Shelf. Input from Barrett, Carter, Giorgetti, Neissen, Pyne, Riesselman.
G Dunbar VUW History of the MRIS since the LGM (input from all) for Science or similar
L Carter NIWA Oceanographic measurements and implications for sediment transport (input from G. Dunbar, R.Dunbar, A Pyne, C Riesselman, N Robinson and M. Williams)
N Robinson VUW Thesis and paper on description and modelling of currents between Ross and White Islands. (input from Barrett, Carter, Dunbar, McGuinness, Pyne, Williams).
G. Giorgetti U Siena Provenance of bottom sediment beneath MRIS (input from Barrett, Carter, G. Dunbar), including petrography, chemical analysis of seds by XRF (input from Giorgetti, GDunbar, C Reisselman
F Niessen AWI Nature of the sedimentary sequence beneath MRIS based on site seismic data and physical properties.(input from Alex Pyne and Tim Naish)
U Nixdorf AWI Platelet ice beneath MRIS
U Nixdorf AWI Hot water drilling through MRIS (with input from Erich Dunker).
b) Other proposed collaborators
Lead authors Institution Nature/content of report/paper
W Ehrmann AWI Clay species and their proportions from core samples
H von Eynatten U Jena Paleoclimate from chemical alteration of volcanic granules from core samples
H Helmer AWI Regional ocean currents incorporating MRIS data
(FN to arrange) AWI Secular variation from depositional remnant magnetization measured in whole core
(LC to arrange) NIWA Trace element characterization of sponge spicules
D Damiani U Siena Morphoscopic and textural study of quartz grains by SEM
D Damiani U Siena Structural and chemical compositional analyses of clay minerals by XRD and TEM-AEM
F Talarico U Siena Petrography of clasts by microscope and SEM