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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1973-74: VUWAE 18



  1. Detailed and systematic sampling of salt deposits and salt accumulations was performed in localities at: Shapeless Mountain, Lashly Mountains, Mt. Metschel, Alligator Peak, Beacon Valley and Rotunda.

    Further samples from various places in the Dry Valley region were collected by other members of the expedition and by members of other Events. Sincere thanks are extended to these people.

  2. The Salt Map of south Victoria Land (Keys, 1972; Allis et al, 1973) can be extended to these new localities which being geographically removed from the Dry Valley region will add a new dimension to the overall knowledge of salt distribution in the area.
  3. The Taylor Mineral Discharge (Keys et al, in prep.) was further examined and also several chemically similar mineral strata discovered on the Skelton Neve. A series of strata of similar form but containing different minerals were also discovered on the Skelton Neve and at Rotunda. Samples of the minerals and the ice host were taken for analysis and crystallographic study.


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