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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1973-74: VUWAE 18


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A proposal outlining a programme involving five main scientific projects was submitted to the March meeting of RDRC. The programme originally involved six scientific members to carry out the following objectives and was approved and passed on to Antarctic Division.

  1. To continue work on the Late Cenozoic McMurdo Volcanics on Mts. Erebus and Morning, and with the Dry Valley Drilling Project at McMurdo Station.
  2. To continue the study of the Jurassic Mawson Volcanobreccia at Shapeless Mountain and to extend the study to Allan Hills.
  3. To extend to collecting and mapping of salts in the McMurdo region to determine their origin and mechanisms of migration.
  4. To continue work on the Devonian Aztec Siltstone, the fish-bearing 'red-bed' sequence.
  5. To resample the Permian coal-measures at Mount Crean and Shapeless Mountain for pollen and coal-rank studies.
Major requirements finally requested from Antarctic Division were:
Toboggans, spares and tools 2 Nov. 1 - Jan. 12
Sleds 3 (Nansen)
Polar tents 3
Meade tents 2
Petrol 84 gals.
Kerosene for primuses 56 gals.
Food 23 20-man-day food boxes
DSIR assistant/mechanic Nov. 1 - Jan. 21
Helicopter time 50 hours (14 flights)

The programme was later amended to include a total of eight scientific members, one of whom was to work as an assistant to the site geologists of the Dry Valley Drilling Project. Various changes to the itinerary were made as cuts in the amount of helicopter time known. A change in the schedule of flights to the Antarctic necessitated some reshuffling of trip members and a request for another DSIR field assistant for a short period.

Fuel requirements were revised during field preparations at Scott Base. Extra kerosene to be used as a coolant during drilling for palaeomagnetic samples was added to that required for cooking. The final figures requested were:
Petrol 96 gallons
Kerosene 125 gallons