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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1973-74: VUWAE 18

VUWAE 18B (plus VUWAE 18 C, D, E up to Nov 23)

VUWAE 18B (plus VUWAE 18 C, D, E up to Nov 23)

Oct 28 Keys Christchurch to Scott Base.
Nov 1 McPherson Christchurch to Scott Base.
Nov 2 - 6 Field preparations.
Nov 7 Crump and R. Kyle Christchurch to Scott Base.
Nov 8 Field preparations.
Nov 9 Plume and Rowe Christchurch to Scott Base.
Nov 10 Field preparations.
Nov 11 Field preparations. Blackwood and Keys move equipment to Marble Point by toboggan.
Nov 12 Two helos shift Crump, Kyle, McPherson, Plume, Rowe and equipment from Scott Base to Shapeless. Also shift Blackwood and Keys from Marble Point to Shapeless.
Nov 13-16 Tent days.
Nov 17 Geological day.
Nov 18 Prepared for toboggan trip to Mt. Fleming.
Nov 19 Geological day at Mt. Fleming.
Nov 20 Prepared for helo shift for VUWAE C, D, E to Lashly Mountains.
Nov 21-22 Tent days.
Nov 23 Keys, Kyle and McPherson shifted by helo to Lashly Mountains. Blackwood, Crump, Plume and Rowe remain at Shapeless.
Nov 24-26 Geological days.
Nov 27 Medical evacuation of Blackwood and Plume to McMurdo. R. Cooper replaces Blackwood at Shapeless.
Nov 28 Blackwood and Plume to Vanda.
Nov 28 - Dec 1 Tent days at Shapeless.
Dec 1 Helo lifts Crump and Rowe out to join Blackwood and Plume at Vanda. R. Cooper to Scott Base.
Dec 2 - 4 At Vanda; party recuperates from effects of CO poisoning.
Dec 5 Unsuccessful attempt to transport party back to Shapeless.
Dec 6-14 Crump, Plume and Rowe did reconnaissance work for alternative projects in Wright Valley.
Dec 14 Blackwood, Crump, Plume and Rowe by helo to Shapeless.
Dec 15-28 Tent days.
Dec 29 Party to Vanda by helo.
Dec 30 - Jan 1 Sorted gear, preparations for local field trips in Asgaard and Olympus Ranges.page 20
Jan 2 - 7 Geological days - Plume and Blackwood on Plane Table, Rowe and Crump on Mt. Jason.
Jan 8 Plume to Scott Base, Blackwood to Vanda, by helo.
Jan 9 Plume to New Zealand.
Jan 9 - 19 Geological work on Mt. Jason.
Jan 20 Crump to Scott Base by helo.
Jan 22 Rowe to Scott Base by helo.
Jan 24 Crump and Rowe to New Zealand.