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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1972-73: VUWAE 17


page 27



Oct. 21 Blackwood, Keys fly to Scott Base.
Oct. 22 - 23 Field preparations and trial.
Oct. 24 Blackwood, Keys plus one toboggan to Cape Evans.
Oct. 25 Work Cape Evans.
Oct. 26 Work Cape Evans until replacement toboggan arrived. Travel to Cape Royds.
Oct. 27 - 29 Weather-bound. Sea ice breakout south of Cape Barne.
Oct. 30 Reconnaissance of overland route to Capes Barne and Evans.
Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 Work Cape Royds.
Nov. 2-3 Weather-bound.
Nov. 4 Work Rocky Point.
Nov. 5 Transfer to Cape Evans by helo. Pick up additional toboggan. Work Inaccessible and Tent Islands.
Nov. 6 Work Cape Barne, including mirabilite deposit.
Nov. 7 Work Razorbacks, Turks Head, Tryggve Point, Cape Evans.
Nov. 8 Work Cape Evans.
Nov. 9-10 Weather-bound.
Nov. 11 Travel to Scott Base.
Nov. 12 - 15 Weather-bound Scott Base. Field preparation.
Nov. 16 - 17 Keys, work Hut Point Peninsula with Mason, not Blackwood.


Nov. 18 Freeman flies to Scott Base; field trial including toboggan trip to Cape Barne to investigate mirabilite deposit.
Nov. 19 Return to Scott Base.
Nov. 20 Field preparation.
Nov. 21-22 Awaiting helo.
Nov. 23 Freeman, Keys to Pearse Valley by helo, laying food and fuel dump at Lake Fryxell. Work up south side of valley.
Nov. 24 - 27 Work Pearse Valley.
Nov. 28 Transfer to Lake Bonney by helo. Work up to Taylor Glacier and Taylor Red Deposit.
Nov. 29 - 30 Work valley sides from Lake Bonney.
Dec. 1-3 Move to Marble Point on foot, via camps at Lake Fryxell and New Harbour.
Dec. 4 Transfer to Upper Wright Valley by helo, laying food and fuel dumps at Vanda Station and Don Juan Pond.
Dec. 5-10 Work Upper Wright glacier area.
Dec. 11 Work to Don Juan Pond on foot. Work Don Juan Pond.
Dec. 12 Work to Vanda Station on foot.
Dec. 13 Prevented from working by unusually heavy snowfall.
Dec. 14 Transfer to Lower Wright Valley near Meserve Glacier by helo. Work down Asgard range side of valley after being dropped off by helo.
Dec. 15 - 16 Work Lower Wright Valley.
Dec. 17 Work to Vanda Station on foot. Waiting for snow to clear.
Dec. 18 - 19 Waiting for snow to clear. 1800 hrs. 19th. Work up slopes of Mt. Odin setting up salt collection buckets.page 28
Dec. 20 Return to Scott Base by helo.
Dec. 21 Freeman. Keys to Cape Bird.
Dec. 25 Awaiting helo.
Dec. 26 Return to Scott Base.
Dec. 27 Sealing salts in capillary tubes and packing samples.
Dec. 28 Freeman returns to New Zealand.
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Nov. 18 Allis, Crump and Hunt fly to Scott Base. Join Blackwood for training trip to Cape Evans.
19 Return to Scott Base. Preparation for field.
22 Allis, Blackwood, Crump and Hunt to Vanda by helo.
23-26 Awaiting transport to Shapeless.
27 Party plus Lowery, Lefever by helo to Shapeless.
Nov. 28 - Dec. 29 Geological and geophysical work in Shapeless Mountain - Mistake Peak area.
Dec. 30 Allis, Hunt to Vanda by helo.
Dec. 31 - Continued geological work at Shapeless.
Jan. 12
Jan. 12 Blackwood, Crump, Lowery, Lefever by helo to Vanda. Blackwood and Crump to Scott Base.
Jan. 13 Crump returns to N.Z.


Nov. 22 Shapeless Mountain party (VUWAE 17C) fly by helo to Vanda, awaiting weather improvement at Shapeless Mountain.
Nov. 23-26 Allis, Hunt transport equipment on to Lake Vanda.
Nov. 27 Helo to Shapeless Mountain.
Dec. 30 Allis, Hunt helo transfer from Shapeless Mountain to Lake Vanda.
Dec. 31- Geophysical work Lake Vanda.
Jan. 16
Jan. 17 Return to Scott Base by helo.
Jan. Allis, Hunt return to N.Z.