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The Spike [or Victoria University College Review 1961]


page 3
5 Notes
J. D. A. Hercus 6 The Story of the Union Building
Llewellyn Richards 8 Editorial
Peter Hampton 11 New Zealand's Industrial Development
Charles Pearse 14 Cricket Ball Physics
H. A. Murray 15 Purpose and Style in Classics
R. J. Maconie 17 Is it Music?
J. W. Dawson 20 Coprosma
Dianan Picton 23 A Ramble through the Parry Report
Donald Anderson 26 A problem of English Grammer
John Ross 28 Oedipus Rex
R. Truscoe 30 Biochemistry at Victoria
Arthur Everard 32 Shakespeare on Film
Michael Heine 35 Does the Mathematician transcend God?
M. J. Cresswell 38 Does God transcend the Mathematician?
Ian McDonald 41 Listening to Jazz
Mary Thompson 42 Shall we say we are free?
Harvard Hollenberg 46 Wikitoria, the Way to my Heart
B. D. Inglis 50 Law at Victoria
Tony Reid 53 The Life and Work of the University
S. Moore 54 Northern Crossing of the Tararuas
R. J. Maconie 57 Fiesta
James K. Baxter 61 Essay on the Higher Learning
Pat Day 63 Drawing
James K. Baxter 64 Three Blues
Mark Young 66 The Sun and the City
Merlene Cutten 67 Drawing
Kirsty Northcote Bade 69 Passing a City House
Peter Bland 70 The Prodigal Son
Peter Bland 72 Two Imaginative Landscapes
Les Cleveland 75 The Motor Car
Elizabeth Allo 81 Elegy for Bob Crusoe
N. W. Bilbrough 84 Realization, Youth's Objection
N. W. Bilbrough 85 On the Prospect of Non-existence
n.w.b. 85 e.e.cummings
N. W. Bilbrough 86 Construction under Ward 8, Public Speaking
Maurice Shabdolt 87 Nightfall
Roy T. Murphy 91 Figure
Gordon Challis 92 Communications
Gordon Challis 93 The Stack
Renato Amato 94 Jocelin
Pat Day 95 Drawing
Llewellyn Richards 107 Penelope's Song
109 Notes on Contributions
page 4