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The Spike [or Victoria University College Review 1961]

[notes on contributions]

page 108

Elizabeth Allo: Arts student, previously at C.U., established name as a poet, see Poetry Yearbooksetc.

Renato (Michael) Amato: Studying for B.A. - LL.B., President Victoria Literary Society 1960. Arrived from Italy 1954, sees no reason for literary types to be rebels, works for Industries and Commerce.

James K. Baxter: Our Jack of all literary trades, here seen masterly Jack-in-the-boxing 'Higher Learning'.

N. W. Bilbrough: Studying for B.A. Left a cushiony job with State Advances, now a wharfie, ditch-digger, etc.

Peter Bland: English export, Victoria graduate, Psychological Branch Education Depart ment, Melbourne Poetry Prize 1960.

Gordon Challis: B.A. in Psychology 1960, welfare worker, Spanish wife acquired in Spain. Poetry prize winner, Experiment, 1960, published in Landfall, Mate, Poetry Year book...

Les Cleveland: Journalist, broadcaster, ballad collector and singer, leisurely acquiring a B.Com. Interested in local character which individualizes different parts of New Zealand.

Max Cresswell: first in Philosophy Hons. 1960 with his thesis on 'Theses not Deducible from the Lewis Systems Si. to S8.' (that's logic).

Merlene Cutten: Fresher 1960, interested in graphic arts.

Melvin N. (Pat) Day: Completed B.A. 1960 in History, attended Elam School of Art, one-man exhibitions since 1956, see Arts Year Book, '46, '47, '49.

Brian Dawkins: Science student, self-styled 'all-round idiot', athlete of note, Students'Association Executive Member.

J. W. Dawson, M.A., Ph.D. (Calif.): Lecturer in Botany, Victoria.

John Gamby: Advertising manager The Spike, cynical wheel in the cogs of commerce, perennial student, Publications Committee, Students'Association.

Peter Hampton: Junior Lecturer in Economics, Victoria.

Michael Heine: Studying mathematics. Voluble 'Science-is-our-Saviour' scientist, Publications Committee, Stud. Ass. exec.

John Hercus: Science student (M.Sc.), Teacher (Waihi), President of Students'Association, 1959-61. Chief mover of committees, councils, cities, pursestring-holders, hearts, contractors, to get the Union Buildings built.

Harvard Hollenburg: B.A. New York University with (American) honours in Political Science. Using a Fulbright to pursue studies in Pol. Sci. at Vic.

IAN McDONALD: Arts student with a taste for jazz, and good taste at that.

R. J. Maconie: Second-year student studying music at Vic. Has had his works played in 'Composers Concert' of Music Soc., and at the University Arts Festival, Christchurch, 1960.

Lloyd Murphy: Studying for B.A., interested in jazz and the possible use of jazz form in verse.

H. A. Murray: Professor of Classics, Victoria.

Kirsty Northcote-Bade: Lives in the country at Upper Hutt, Fresher 1960, interested in imagination and problem of things beyond rationality.

Charles Pearse: Secretary Mathematics and Physics Society.

Diana Picton: Science student mixed up in World Affairs Council, Students'Association Executive (Chairman Education Sub-committee).

Tony Reid: History Hons. Papers 1960, past president Student Christian Movement, Stud. Ass. exec., looking for a thesis on New Zealand in the thirties and a Harvard Scholarship, editor Cappicade, 60.

Llewelyn Richards: Primary school teacher, Philosophy Masters' student, ex C.U.C., editor, publisher, printer, distributor and writer (with Graham Nuthall) of that epoch-making slim volume, 'Two Sonets, Not, However, In Elizabethian Styles' (C.T.C. Press, 1958).

John Ross: A medical student who chose liberty instead, actor, tramper, perennial student.

page 109

W. J. Scott: Principal Wellington Teachers'College.

Maurice Shadbolt: Our guest. Born 1928, English I (failed), Auckland. Published in The New Yorker, 'The New Zealanders' (short stories), reviewed and selling well. Tries to live by writing.

Mary Thompson: Hons. papers in Philosophy 1959, part of Philosophy Society's backbone, working on a thesis whilst selling books and housewifing.

R. Truscoe, M.Sc. (London), Ph.D., Med. Dip. (Warsaw): Head of Biochemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Department, Victoria.

Mark Young: New Zealand's one-man Beat Generation. Studying for B.A., has had poems published in N.Z. Listener. Edited Experiment,1960.