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The Spike [or Victoria University College Review 1961]



The original conception of a Union Building had changed over the years, and by the time actual construction began the Union project comprised three separate structures: the Union building proper, the gymnasium, and new tennis courts with pavilion. All these will be completed and occupied this year.

The rooms in the main building include a theatre, cafeteria and kitchen, three common-rooms, four committee rooms, games room, editorial room, shop, caretaker's flat, Association and Executive rooms.

Seating 381 people; equipped with full flying facilities, projection and broadcasting box; and with the lighting controlled from a console front of house, the theatre is generally recognized as one of the finest in, Australasia. Already the Drama Club is rehearsing for a major production, the Extrav people thinking in terms of an intimate revue, the jazz and music clubs planning concerts, and the film society considering using Cinemascope.

Altogether when the theatre and cafeteria are considered with the science lecture theatre and Council reception room, as one unit, they are exceptional facilities. As well as intensive student use during the academic year, the unit will provide a unique venue for University, professional, and business conferences.