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Report on the Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 1960-61: VUWAE 4


page 14


Antarctic Research Programme 1962/63

As you are no doubt aware the Ross Dependency Research Committee is charged with the responsibility of putting forward to the Minister for Scientific and Industrial Research the annual programme of scientific work to be undertaken in Antarctica. The Committee is now formulating the programme to cover the summer season, 1962/63 and throughout the winter of 1963. The Committee is prepared to consider proposals from interested University Departments and individual research workers. The current fields of work are in Biology, Geology, Oceanography, Seismology, Geomagnetism, Upper Atmosphere Physics and Meteorology. The Committee is prepared to consider proposals in these and other fields where worth-while scientific research can be conducted.

I would be glad, therefore, if you would circulate the attached copies of this memorandum to the appropriate departments in your University, advising them that any proposals must be in my hands not later than 15 November 1961.

It will be appreciated that the scale of activity is limited by finance resources and men, and therefore the Committee has to evaluate the relative merits of proposals received, and include in the programme only those which it considers most worthy. To aid the Committee in its task any applications should give a general outline of:
1.the objectives of the project or expedition (including sketch maps) and proposals for publishing findings;
2.the man-power involved in carrying out any Base project, the size and probable composition of any field party; the scientific standing and general competence of prospective members should be stated;
3.the sponsoring body;
4.the estimated cost of the project or expedition and sources of financial assistance;
5.proposals for transport and communications;
6.arrangements for equipment and supplies (for a field party include communications equipment, which should be sufficient to enable the party to maintain contact with Scott Base or any other base stipulated by the Committee).

J. A. Corcoran

Secretary, Ross Dependency Research Committee.