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Report on the Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 1960-61: VUWAE 4


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V.U.W.A.E. 1960-61 wishes to record its very great appreciation of the assistance given by these bodies:

Antarctic Division, D.S.I.R. (N.Z.) for advice, material help during the field season and during preparations.

The services of the United States of America for sea and air transport to and from Antarctica and in the field.

Other grateful acknowledgements are made to:

University of New Zealand for main financial assistance.

University of Wellington for Grant.

National Science Foundation for allowing Dr. Blank to accompany us.

Geology Department and Geography Department of Victoria University of Wellington for aid with instruments, etc.

Dr. R. W. Balham, Convenor, Antarctic Committee, V.U.W.

Lands and Survey Department for essential aerial photographs and maps before, during and after the field season.

Parents and wives of Expedition members for tolerating the absence of members and supplying Christmas goodies.

Levin and Company for Christmas spirit.

University of Canterbury for loan of survey equipment.

University Photographers for copying aerial photographs and processing black and white Expedition film.

Texas Instrument Company, Texas, U.S.A., for free loan of gravity meter.

Anonymous firm for colour and black and white film donated.

R.N.Z.A.F. Antarctic flight for use of a bending machine to secure specimen boxes and for the loading of specimen boxes on U.S.S. “Greenville Victory.”


Whilst in the field we were asked to collect rocks for the Admiral Byrd memorial (to be erected on Mount Victoria, Wellington) and a collection of half to three-quarters of a ton was obtained. This entailed much effort in carrying 20-30 pound rocks back to camp but we were pleased to help in this work requested.


The successful work of the Koettlitz Expedition work marks virtual completion of geological and glaciological mapping by V.U.W. of the known ice-free areas between the Mackay and Koettlitz Glaciers.

Future Expeditions by members of the University will depend on the existence of suitable areas elsewhere in Antarctica. In the coming summer it is hoped that we will be able to reconnoitre large sections of Victoria Land to help us decide if further operations are feasible and in addition certain specialist personnel from V.U.W. may re-enter the Dry Valley to look briefly into specific minor problems which have emerged during evaluation of results here.

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The following place names in the Koettlitz area have been approved by the New Zealand Antarctic Place Names Committee:
  • Almond
  • Pyramid Trough
  • Dromedary Glacier
  • Amphitheatre
  • The Bulwark
  • Lake Péwé
  • Hobbs Peak
  • Goat Mountain
  • Hidden Valley
  • Keyhole
  • Lake Keyhole
  • Lake Teardrop
  • Dismal Ridge
  • Kempe Glacier
  • Late Porkchop
  • Lake Penny
  • Rivard Glacier
  • Holiday Peak
  • Rücker Ridge
  • Pipecleaner Glacier
  • Roaring Valley
  • Williams Peak
  • Chancellor Lake
  • Glimpse Glacier
  • Glee Glacier
  • Shangri La
  • Mount Lama
  • Buddha Lake
  • Penance Pass
  • Radian Glacier