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Report on the Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 1960-61: VUWAE 4


page 10


This season a total of 72 samples were collected; 39 from Quaternary Volcanics, 6 from Beacon Sandstone and 27 from basement granite.

The granite and Beacon sandstone samples complete the collections of previous Expeditions from the Wright and Victoria Dry Valleys. The granite samples are of particular interest as, unlike those collected previously, they are not close to the dolerite intrusions and hence were not reheated by them. This reheating is thought to be the cause of the uniformity in pole direction shown by the dolerite and granite, two formations of different ages which should have different pole positions and it is hoped that this year's collection will show this to be so.

The volcanic specimens where possible were collected from a series of lavas in order that the secular variation may be measured. As the volcanics predate at least one of the glaciations of this region the pole position obtained from them may be able to be used to give an approximate age to the volcanics and the glaciation that they predate.