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The Spike Golden Jubilee Number May 1949


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What the First Editor Said 9
And Now in Our Golden Jubilee Year, R.W.B. 10
Foreword, T. A. Hunter 12
Fifty Years, F. A. de la Mare 13
Roll of Honour 16
A Foundation Professor Writes Of the Early Years, T. H. Easter field 19
College Library, James Bertram 23
Six Broadcast Talks
Personalities Of Victoria College, G. W. von Zedlitz 24
Science at Victoria College, P. W. Robertson 26
The Social Studies at Victoria College, H. C. D. Somerset 28
Authorship at Victoria College, I. A. Gordon 30
Law and Victoria College, W. E. Leicester 32
Sport at Victoria College, L. A. Tracy 34
Varied Voices
The Goal, Eileen Duggan 37
Friendship, Beryl G. Osborne (nee Armstrong) 39
The Bishops Shoot a Godwit, Douglas Stewart 40
The River, Douglas Stewart 42
Two Poems, Mary Milne 44
Ogdenash on Someone Like Saroyan, Anton Vogt 45
The Spectre of the University Red, James Winchester 46
Poem, Anton Vogt 49
Three Poems, K. J. Hollyman 49
The Danger to Humanist Education, D. N. Y. Olsen 51
Wheels Within Wheels, E. Badian 52
Brandygallism as a Psychological Concept, Brian Bell 54
Five Poems, P. S. Wilson 56
Three Poems, Lyster Paul 59
Two Poems, Lorna Clendon 60
Three Poems, W. H. Oliver 61page break
The First Years of the Students' Society 62
In Retrospect 62
I H. B. Kirk 62
II D. K. Picken 63
IIIJ. S. Tennant 65
IV F. P. Wilson 66
Greetings 67
I St Andrews, Scotland 67
II Massachusetts 67
III St John's, Cambridge 68
IV Worcester College, Oxford 68
V University of Glasgow 68
VI General Smuts 69
Reports on Experience
The Library, H. G. Miller 70
Music, Frederick Page 71
Weir House, W. H. Oliver 72
Student Christian Movement, Denzil Brown 74
The Dramatic Club, G. H. Datson 75
Student Pranks, G. W. Turner, H. Williamson 80
Nineteen Years of Student Journalism, A. O. McLeod 82
Catholic Students' Guild, B. M. O'Connor 85
Literary Society Notes, A. St. C. Murray-Oliver 86
The Debating Society, K. B. O'Brien 87
Internationals in Sport, John Carrad 89
Hockey, Ivor Ting 91
Rugby, J. B. Trapp 96
Cricket, John Carrad 100
Sports Chorus 104
Athletics, F. W. Duckworth 105
Basketball, June Scott 108
Tennis, B. M. O'Connor 109
Office Bearers of Students' Association 1899-1849 113
Sir Thomas Hunter facing page 9
Sir Robert Stout, G. G. S. Robison facing page 24
The Staff 1924, The Staff 1948
Victoria University College facing page 25
The Architect's Plan, Officially Opened facing page 32
The Old Clay Patch, Richard John Seddon facing page 33
Sir Thomas Easterfield, Professor Maclaurin facing page 48
Professor Von Zedlitz, G. F. Dixon, F. A. de la Mare
Professor Mackenzie, Professor Rankine Brown
Greetings From St Andrews University facing page 49
Weir House, The Gymnasium facing page 72
Post-War Temporary Lecture Rooms
The Library
Ladies' Hockey Team 1908, Rugby First Fifteen 1946 facing page 73
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Sir Thomas Hunter, K.B.E., M.A., M.Sc. Principal

Sir Thomas Hunter, K.B.E., M.A., M.Sc. Principal