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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1947



Master of Arts With Honours—Borchardt, Dietrich Hans, Third Class in Philosophy; Cody, Patricia Susan, Third Class in Education; Evison, Frank Foster, Second Class in Mathematics; Gruber, Sigmund, Second Class in Philosophy; Holly-man, Kenneth James, First Class in French (Awarded Special Travelling Scholarship); Holm, Margaret Hazel, Second Class in English; Kay, Barbara Helen, Second Class in History; Magee, Shirley. Third Class in History; Morris, Beverley Jean, Third Class in Education; McBean, John Stuart, Third Class in History; McKenzie, Peter Rutherford, Second Class in History; Robb, James Harding, First Class in Philosophy (Awarded Special Travelling Scholarship) : Scoones, Stewart Thomas Henry, Third Class in French; Trapp, Joseph Burney, First Class in English; Hanlon, Peter James, Second Class in English; Ponton, Francis Arthur, Second Class in History.

Masters of Arts—Cooper, Alan William, in Education; Pettit, Phyllis Muriel, in History; Taylor, Beryl Jean, in Education.

Bachelors of Arts—Abraham, Piers Lionel Ronald; Arya, Elizabeth; Austin, Nelle Anita (nee Bowater); Bateman, James Alder; Bell, Nola Elizabeth; Bennett, Dorothy May; Benstead, Florence Jocelyn (Senior Scholar in French); Bradshaw, John Thomas; Carpenter, William Thomas; Corkill, Barbara Helen; Davies, Dorothy Avonia; Dennis, Isobel Patricia; Dowrick, Harold Innes; Easterbrook-Smith, Winston Herbert Barnett; Eichelbaum, Mary Max; Ewen, John Findlay; Flaws, Eric Munro Pickering; Goodall, John Ernest; Gordon, Joan Grace; Gordon, Leslie Geoffrey; Goss, Diana Mary; Gretton, Harold William; Hay, Keith Miller (Awarded Special Ex-Serviceman's Senior Scholarship in History); Herbert, Cedric King; Hopkirk, Robert Dudley; Irwin, Marie Mildred (Senior Scholar in Education); Johnstone, Gilbert Carswell; Latham, Edgar Allen; Lowe, Patricia Margaret (nee Hildreth); Mabbett, William Haslett (Senior Scholar in German); Macnab, Janet Shirley; Matthews, Katherine; Mete-Kingi, Marie; Milburn, James Dalton; Miller, John Owen; Mitchell, Peter Alexander; Moore, Albert Charles; Morris, Peter Gillard; Myers, Annette Rae; McLeod, Norman Lloyd; McMillan, Hector Thomas; Oliver, William Hosking; Palmer, Eric Percival; Pearce, Alison Joan; Pearson, Lloyd George Alexander; Ramage, Donald James; Rich, Vivienne Mary; Robb, Margaret Ruth; Ross, David Hargreaves; Ruben, Ellen-Rita; Russell, Ruth Marjorie; Senk, Norman John Frank; Spinley, Betty Martha (Senior Scholar in Philosophy, additional); Taylor, Joan Elizabeth; Wards, Ian McLean; Warner, Gunter; Watt, Rosemary Jean; Williams, John Cyprian Phipps; Williamson, John Hawthorn; Wilson, Patrick Seymour; Wood, Yolande Nathalie; Woodward, John Bethell; Zander, Channa; Diprose, Kenneth Frank; Dronke, Adolph John; Gilmore, Harold Meredith; Girling-Butcher, Patricia; Hynes, Colyn Mary; Lang, Henry George; Larsen, Colin Rutherford; McDonald, George Norman (Senior Scholar in History); Roth, Herbert Otto; Scott, Thomas Henry; Standish, Michael Wordsworth; Sutton, Alan Howard; Taylor, Andrew (Awarded Special Ex-Serviceman's Senior Scholarship in Education); Wilson, Peter Marcus.

Masters of Science With Honours—Beck, Alan Copland, Second Class in Geology; Bogle. Gilbert Stanley, First Class in Chemistry (Rhodes Scholar); Caverhill, Alan Ryton, First Class in Chemistry; Garrick, Robert Arthur, Second Class in Physics; King, David Thane, Second Class in Physics; Land, Mary Edith, Third Class in Zoology; Marsh, Benjamin Bruce, Third Class in Chemistry; Munster, Raymond John, Third Class in Physics; McLaughlin, Robert Joseph William, First Class in Geology (Sir Julius von Haast Prize—Geology); Northey, Roy Douglas, First Class in Physics; Ross, Desmond Joseph, First Class in Chemistry; Rothbaum, Henry Peter, Second Class in Chemistry; Laird, Marshall, Second Class in Zoology; Leatham, Edward Harry, Third Class in Physics; Ziman, John Michael, First Class in Physics.

Masters of Science—Armstrong, Philip Jason, in Mathematics; Butchers, John Barnard, in Chemistry; Smyth, Francis Mornington, in Mathematics; Johnston, Walter Thomas Goring, in Chemistry.

Bachelors of Science—Anderson, Lionel Barwood; Balham, Ronald Walter; Brown, Colin Garvin; Bruce, Kenneth; Cooper, Nancy Alison; Couper, Robert Ashley; Davidson, Mavis Melville; Fraser, Gloria Isabelle Anne; Greig, Harry Esmond Morpeth; Grigg, Russell Mowbray; Hall, Eric Ogilvie (Senior Scholar in Physics—Equal); Harris, Peter Graham; Hawke, John Clement; Healy, William Bernard; Keys, Peter Brian; Lowe, Vivienne Myra; Manchester, Frank Derek; Martin, William Reginald Bulmer; Milnss, Douglas Sigley; Mountier, Neil Saxby; McConnon, Peter Alan; Nash, Bryan Desmond; Parsons, Arthur Disson; Penhale, Hugh Russell; Roberton, Thea Diana (nee Muir); Roberts, Max Erie; Simmers, Mary Glen; Campbell, Basel Colmar; Gerson, Thomas; Hornibrook, Norcott de Bisson; Stuckey, Robert Gordon (Awar- page 37 ded Special Ex-Serviceman's Senior Scholarship in Geology).

Masters of Laws With Honours—Casey, Maurice Eugene, Second Class in Constitutional Law etc., Contracts and Torts, Trusts; Cullinane, Bernard Jeremiah, Second Class in Constitutional Law etc., Contract and Torts, Negligence, etc.

Bachelors of Laws—Bennett, John Alexander Lowbridge; Clinkard, Ian Gray; Crutchley, Edgar Stanley James; Daniell, Richard Mellor; Gordon, Peter McKay; Highet, Joseph Malcolm Henry; McEwen, Jock Malcolm; Oakley, John Hayward; Papps, Lyndsay Mason; Poole, Marcus John Quentin; Scott, Kenneth Gillanders; Smith, William Guy; Taylor, Douglas Archibald; Turnbull, Christopher Stuart; Young, Peter Thomas; Scott, John Vivian.

Master of Commerce With Honours—Waite, William Norman, Second Class in Economics and Economic History.

Bachelors of Commerce—Alcorn, James Allan; Bowick, William Athelstan; Clark, Walter Arthur; Hammond, Godfrey Bruce; Lovelock, Martyn Howard; Milne, Leonard William; McDonald, Graham Comrie; McHugh, Neal John; O'Brien, Kevin Benjamin; Poole, Owen Francis Alfred; Reeves, Richard Restless; Steele, Robert William; Tindill, Eric William Thomas; Wing, Murray Gordon; Keall, Norman Cross; Moyle, John James; Regan, Arthur Joseph; Tricklebank, William; Watson, Ian Robert.

Diploma in Education—Apperley, Errol Ronald; Dowrick, Harold Innes; Morris, Beverley Jean.

Degrees Conferred at Other College Ceremonies

Master of Arts—Ensor, Mildred Mary, in Economics.

Bachelors of Arts—Durrant, Robert George; Feary, John Alexander; Richardson, Joan Margaret.

Master of Science With Honours—Harrison, Roy Alexander, Third Class in Zoology.

Bachelors of Science—Wearne, William Maxwell; Wilson, Wilfred Travis.

Degrees Already Conferred

Master of Arts With Honours—Bailey, Marion Oliver, Third Class in English.

Masters of Arts—Chorlton, Jerome Roger Max, in English; Stone, Sylvia Helen, in French and German; Willoughby, Herbert Jefficote, in Education.

Bachelors of Arts—Allen, Robert Henry; Austin, Geoffrey Francis; Burton, George Cyril; Cargo, Allan; Coleman, Francis Edward; Eichelbaum, Catherine Vera; Fussell, Albert Thomas; Haig, Norman Thomas; Helean, William Brindsley; Hosking, Francis Alan Bovaird; Leigh, Kenneth Stuart; MacFarlane, Margaret Aroha; Marrs, Robert Stuart Patrick; Marshall, John Ross; McConchie; Horace Edgar; Northey, John Frederick; O'Hagan, James Patrick; Orgias, John; Pownall, Brenda Marie; Rowse, Donald Jack; Salkeld, Margaret Eva; Stout, John David; Whitcombe, Joan Mary Somerset; Young, Joan Marie.

Bachelors of Science—Davy, Colin James; Dickinson, Patrick; Overton, Bernard George; Turney, Thomas Albert; Wickens, Arthur Stewart.

Doctor of Laws—Miles, James William Yexley.

Bachelors of Laws—Atkins, John Augustus; Hewat, Robert Philip Humphries; Ralfe, Terrance Grant; Smythe, Peter Kenneth Hugh; Wicks, John Sutherland.

Bachelors of Commerce—Berg, Lawrence Charles; Bullot, Bertrand Reidhaar; Colclough, Leonard Leighton; Day, Cecil Charles; de Lambert, Robert Terence Creagh; Fraser, Kinnear George; Gibson, Malcolm James; Gustofson, Raymond Daniel; Harbord, James William; Hargreaves, Gordon Harold; Lowe, William Stanley; Ludwig, Max Frederick; MacLennan, Alistair Donald; McLeod, Stanley Alfred; O'Connor, Cyril Francis; Purdie, Norman Lambert; Rigg, Elgar John; Robertshawe, Richard Edward Ralph; Sharrock, Edmund Collin; Smith, Ronald Joseph; Stace, Vernon Desmond; Walls, James Reginald; Wilkinson, George.

Diplomas Issued Since Graduation Ceremony 1946

Diploma of Honours—Vincent, Charles Holmes, Second Class in Physics.

Diploma in Education—Brooker, Frederick John; Jillett, Douglas Mcllvride; Newick, Reginald Harold Tui; Shaw, George William; Schulze, Robert Blair; Taylor, Beryl Jean; Watts, Edward James.

Scholarships and Prizes Conferred Later in Year

Special Ex-Servicemen's Scholarship in Law: P. B. A. Sim; French Government Scholarship: S. T. H. Scoones; Post-Graduate Scholarship in Science: J. M. Ziman; Sir George Grey Scholarship: J. C. Hawke; Sir Robert Stout Scholarship: E. O. Hall; Alexander Crawford Scholarships: P. Whittle (Science), A. K. McGill (Arts); Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarships: Koi H. Taylor (Women), A. G. MacDiarmid (Men); Lissie Rathbone Scholarship: Barbara E. Stewart; Jacob Joseph Scholarship:

page 39

B. J. Cullinane; Lady Stout Scholarship: Vivienne M. Rich; McCallum Scholarship in Law: R. G. Collins; Bruce Dall Prize: E. A. Hutt; John P. Good Prize: Thora Marwick; Macmorran Prize for Mathematics: P. Whittle; N.Z. Institute of Chemistry Prize: Thora Marwick; Butterworth Prize in Roman Law: P. B. A. Sim; Brown Prize in Classics: R. G. G. Coleman; Kirk Prize in Biology: Barbara H. Croker; William Purdie Bursary: E. B. Robinson; National Research Scholarships: R. D. Northey (Physics), R. J. W. McLaughlin (Geology).