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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1945

Graduates, 1945

page 68

Graduates, 1945

Masters of Arts with Honours

  • Boyd, Ellie Macdonald, Third Class in English (from Auckland University College).
  • Boyd, Mary Beatrice, Second Class in History.
  • Bycroft, Doreen May, Second Class in English and Latin.
  • Cramb, Sarah Twycross, Second Class in Philosophy.
  • Grant, Janet Mary, Second Class in English.
  • Jolly, Gwynneth Campbell, Second Class in Philosophy.
  • Neligan, Ruth Diana, Second Class in English.
  • Parsons, Mira Sarah, Third Class in Mathematics.
  • Porter, Freda Mary, Third Class in Philosophy.
  • *Todd, Francis Murray, First Class in English.
  • Turner, Rae, Third Class in History.

Masters of Arts

  • Craig, Ngaire Jean Patricia, in English and Latin. Hogg, Marion, in English.
  • Taylor, Nancy Margaret, in History.
  • Tossman, David, in French.

in absentia

  • Towgood, Winifred Nina, in French.

Bachelors of Arts

  • Andersen, Margaret Hilda.
  • Beard, Donald Derek.
  • Borchardt, Dietrich Hans.
  • Bruce, Alan Quartermain.
  • Bryenton, Valerie Gwendolen.
  • Burt, Thomas Hylton.
  • Calvert, Geoffrey Neil.
  • Cody, Patricia Susan.
  • Conga1ton, Athol Alexander.
  • CongaIton, Elizabeth Stewart (1942 examination).
  • Doole, George Clifft (from University of Otago).
  • Dry, Avis Mary.
  • Holmes, June Greville.
  • Larsen, Roy Felix.
  • Long, May Joyce.
  • Magee, Shirley.
  • Mataira, William Pere.
  • Michael, Ramon John.
  • Morris, Beverley Jean.
  • Morrison, William James.
  • McKenzie, Joan Christie (from University of Otago).
  • McKenzie, Peter Rutherford.
  • McNabb, Robert Leslie.
  • On, Margaret.
  • Parsons, Leslie Eric.
  • Petch, Ashleigh Kelvin.
  • Taylor, Beryl Jean.
  • Ting, Ivor.
  • *Twaddle, Robert Bruce.
  • Vance, Gladys Mary.
  • White, Nora Margaret.
  • Whiteman, Alan Leonard.
  • Winchester, James Webber.
  • Witten-Hannah, James.

in absentia

  • Benge, Edward Michael
  • Head, Marie Jacquette.
  • Meek, Ronald Lindley.
  • McLean, Elspeth Mary.
  • Olson, Douglas Norman Yeats.
  • Reed, John Ernest.
  • Scannell, Karin.

Masters of Science with Honours

  • Beavis, Graham, Second Class in Chemistry.
  • *, Drummond, James Ewen, First Class in Mathematics.
  • Harrington, Hilary James, Second Class in Geology (from Auckland University College).
  • Ross, Janet Macdonald, Third Class in Zoology.
  • Warcup, John Henry, First Class in Botany.
  • Williamson, Edwin Andrew, Second Class in Mathematics (1941 examination).

Master of Science

  • Scott, Raymond Annesley, in Chemistry.

Bachelors of Science

  • Anderson, Alfred Robert.
  • Barr, Herbert James.
  • *Bogle, Gilbert Stanley.
  • Borthwick, Robert Andrew.
  • Button, Colin Herbert.
  • Caverhill, Alan Ryton.
  • Evison, Frank Foster.
  • Fastier, Lyle Brandon.
  • Filmer, Doris Winifred.
  • Geddes, John Alastair.
  • Gibbons, Barbara Barton.
  • Jackson, John Richard.
  • Lambourne, Leslie James.
  • Land, Mary Edith.
  • Mudgway, Douglas James.
  • Munster, Raymond John.
  • Northey, Roy Douglas.
  • Rowe, Leslie Grimmond.
  • Walls, Jack Young.
  • Waters, Hugh David Charles.
  • Williams, John Cyprian Phipps.

in absentia

  • Baumgart, Ian Lawrence.
  • Hill, Augustine Kenneth.
  • Laird, Marshall.
  • Leatham, Edward Harry.
  • Ross, Desmond Joseph.
  • White, Norman Rex.

Master of Laws with Honours

  • Gibson, Keith Gordon, Third Class in Constitutional Law, etc., Contract and Torts. Negligence, etc.

* Shirtcliffe Fellow.

* John Tinline Scholar in English.

* Cook Memorial Prize.

Post-Graduate Scholarship in Arts.

Post-Graduate Scholarship in Science.

* Senior Scholar in Physics.

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The Graduates, 1945

The Graduates, 1945

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Flotsam J. Brodie

Flotsam J. Brodie

page 69

Master a Laws

  • Horn, Jack Raymond Poppleton, in Constitutional Law, etc., Contract and Torts, Negligence, etc.

Bachelor of Laws

  • Matthew, Keith Taylor (from Auckland University College).

Master of Commerce with Honours

  • Slocombe, Stanley, Third Class in Economics and Economic History.

Bachelors of Commerce

  • Anderson, Paul Chambers.
  • Barr, John.
  • GilIon, Robert James.
  • Grainger, Matthew Burton.
  • Jones, Grace Marjorie.
  • Kauter, June Isabel (nee Furrie).
  • Lang, Henry George.
  • McCullough, William Errington.
  • Mark, Cyril Robert.
  • Melville, Andrew Osmond (from University of Otago).
  • Mitcalfe, Henry Percy.
  • Palmer, Hugh Kidston.
  • Taylor, Philip Arthur.
  • Wicks, Moira Dorothy.

in absentia

  • Arcus, John Arnott.
  • Irwin, Raymond Douglas Lyle.

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

  • Sewell, Thomas Gurney (from Canterbury Agricultural College).

Bachelors of Home Science

  • Jones, Olwen Ellice (from University of Otago).
  • Perston, Annastatia Yvonne (from University of Otago).

Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery

  • Banks, Cecil Douglas (from University of Otago).
  • Bell, Lenn Gifford (from University of Otago).
  • Jones, Joyce May Emery (from University of Otago).
  • Murray, Neil Gray (from University of Otago).
  • Peat, Eric Harold (from University of Otago).
  • Reid, June Esther (from University of Otago).
  • Smith, Flora (from University of Otago).

Degrees Being Conferred at Other College Ceremonies

Master of Arts with Honours

  • Cox, Carlien Estelle, Third Class in Latin.

Bachelor of Arts

  • Hudson, David Garfield.

Bachelor of Science

  • Coleman, Clifford Francis.

Bachelor of Commerce

  • Quigg, John Berchams.

Degrees Already Conferred

Master of Arts

  • Copp, John Dixon, in Philosophy.

Bachelors of Arts

  • Baigent, Harold Verdun.
  • Colbert, Colin John.
  • Gray, Edith Florence.
  • Grocott, John Dryden.
  • Izatt, John.
  • Maciver, William George.
  • Mitchell, John Robert.
  • Mollring, Lionel Henry Edgar.
  • Orgias, Frank.
  • Reindler, William.
  • Ross, Angus Alexander.
  • Smythe, Colin Hans.
  • Stirling, Gordon Robert.
  • Tosswill, Robert George.
  • White, Alan Heathcote.
  • Wilde, Stanley.
  • Woolford, Joseph Henry.

Bachelors of Science

  • Howard, Dene Grenville.
  • Williamson, Keith Ian.
  • Zotov, Victor Dmitrievich.

Bachelors of Laws

  • Jensen, Alexander Edwin.
  • Saxton, Frederick Arthur Everitt.

Bachelors of Commerce

  • Johnston, Clifton Clyde Norford.
  • Levestam, Hubert Ashley.
  • Lindsay, Gordon Fred.
  • Wallace, Julia Nannie.

Diplomas Issued Since Graduation Ceremony 1944

Diplomas in Education

  • Williams, Cecil John.
  • Macaskill, Hector.
  • Simpson, Arthur John.
  • Begg, Alan Thomas.
  • Downes, Harold Edward Parkhurst.
  • Lambourne, Sydney James.
  • Holmes, Thomas Gilbert.

Shipping Officers' Certificate

  • Reeves, Richard Restless.


  • Sir George Grey Scholarship—L. J. Lambourne.
  • Senior University Scholarships—R. B. Twaddle (Tinline), G. S. Bogle. (Physics).
  • Shirtcliffe Fellowship— F. M. Todd.
  • Post-Graduate Scholarships—J. F,. Drummond (Arts), J. H. Warcup (Science).
  • Sir Robert Stout Scholarship—G. S. Bogle.
  • Alexander Crawford Scholarships—J. H. P. Rothbaum (Science), Barbara J. Patrick (Arts).
  • Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarships—J. M. Ziman, Margaret H. Holm.
  • Lissie Rathbone Scholarship—K. L. Gillion.
  • Jacob Joseph Scholarship—No award.
  • Lady Stout Bursary—Beverley J. Morris.
  • William Purdie Bursary—G. B. Pea.


  • Cook Memorial Prize—J. E. Drummond.
  • Bruce Da11 Prize—E. O. Hall.
  • John P. Good Prize—M. C. MacDonald.
  • The Macmorran Prize for Mathematics—J. M. Ziman.
  • N.Z. institute of Chemistry Prize—A. G. MacDiarmid.
  • Dr. W. E. Collins Class Prizes in English Literature—Margaret H. Anderson, Barbara J. Patrick, S. W. Shires, J. B. Trapp.
  • Dr. W. E. Collins Prize Essay—J. B. Trapp.
  • Butterworth Prize in Roman Law—D. A. Taylor.