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The Spike Victoria University College Review 1944

Degree Day 1944

page 43

Degree Day 1944

Graduates For 1944

Master of Arts With Honours.—Denniston, Ralph Hugh Francis (1st class in Mathematics); Dixon, Haddon Charles (2nd class in Philosopy); Dixon, Mary Vera (third class in English); Ferguson, Janet Fergus (1st class in French); Hill, Helen Clara (2nd class in English); Lindsay, Maureen Daisy (2nd class in English); Money, John William; Russell, George Harrison.

Master of Arts.—Bade, Beatrice Francis (in Education; Lewin, John Philip (in Economics); Scully, Maurice John (in Latin); Stone, Sylvia Helen (in French and German).

Bachelors of Arts.—Baumgart, Norah Jean; Blamires, Helen June Patricia; Boyd, Ellie Mac-donald; Brown, Beryl Mary Harley; Burchfield, Robert William (degree already conferred); By-croft, Doreen May; Chamberlain, Gwenifer; Dowden, Ruth; Finlay, Marie Therese; Garai, Irgeburg; Holm, Jean Lydia; Hughes, Olwen Enfys; Hunt, Robert; Kinsella, Arthur Ellis; Lissington, Patricia Mary; Lockwood, Joan (degree already conferred); McBean, John Stewart; McDonald, Alexander (degree already conferred); McKay, Alison; Parsons, Mira Sarah; Pettit, Phyllis Muriel; Porter, Freda Mary; Ruffell, Alan; Ryan, Mary Bridget; Sinclair, Robert Henry; Todd, Francis Murray; Tossman, David; Turner, George William; Wah, William; Wall, Barbara; Wilde, Norman (degree already conferred).

Masters of Science with Honours.—Grigg John Lawrence (3rd class in Chemistry); McDowell, Ian

Campbell (3rd class in Chemistry); Oliver, Robin Lang-ford (2nd class in Geology); Swedlund, Bernard Eskil (2nd class in Chemistry); Te Punga, Martin (2nd class in Geology).

Bachelors of Science.—Bloor, Hugh Grosvener; Cairney, June; Coomba, Beatrice; Drummond, James Ewen; Durham, Reginald Alexander; Filmer, Daisy Bird; Hamann, Sefton Davidson; Hay, Raymond Edward; Heyhoe, John Harry; Hodgson, Ernest Ralph; Johannson, John Ker; Jones, Ross Dickens; Kiddle, Kenneth Walter; King, David Thane; Lever-Naylor, Peter; Macmorran, Alison Mary; Maplesden, Peter Wilson; Marsden, Ernest David Lindsay; Marwick, Marion; Ross, Janet Macdonald; Underwood, Joy Philippa; Von Keisenberg, Ernest Marshall; Watson, William James Graham; Wilton, Pamela Naomi.

Master of Laws.—Turnbull, Ivan Leonard (in International Law and Conflict of Laws, Contract and Torts, Law of Companies).

Bachelors of Laws.—O'Regan, John Barry; Quilliam, James Peter; Speight, Graham Davies.

Masters of Commerce.—Hocking, Bertram (in Economics and Law of Trusts); O'Kane, Vincent Paul (in Economics and Economic History).

Bachelors of Commerce.—Eade, Stanley Gren-fell; Forbes, Norman; Goldstone, Myer Mendel; Harrison, Charles Stanley Mark; Hobbs, Leslie Milward (degree already conferred); Murphy, Brian Egmont (degree already conferred); Wood, Douglas Reginald.