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The Spike Victoria University College Review 1944

page 7

Dear Scylla,

If Spike 1944 is not to show itself wickedly contemptuous of tradition and neglectful of its stern duties it had better contain an editorial and the editorial had better be about the influence of the War on Victoria College.

I admit that I find very few interesting possibilities in the subject. Not that the war has not influenced the College—of course it has. The Army call-ups have, for instance, and the man power regulations and the transport restrictions and the dearth of books and liquor. These have made the College very dull, but the War in its more catastrophic and tragic aspect has hardly touched most of us.

This is all too obvious and trivial and in any case the impersonal rectitude of the normal editorial is a tone very distasteful to me. It seems to be an occasion for the exercise of your notorious talent for fantasy. Whether the result will be to the taste of Spike's readers I do not know. Every sincerely written editorial is the fruit of its author's mania, but to be acceptable its mania should be of some recognized kind. Thus to satisfy any large section of its readers an editorial in a University publication should be written by a democrat, a socialist, a Christian, or a lover of culture. But one cannot always wish to satisfy and I should be very grateful to receive something from you as soon as possible.