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The Spike Victoria University College Review 1944

Pregnant Sayings of Our Times

page 32

Pregnant Sayings of Our Times

'Thus It is dangerously easy in the midst of an upheaval such as the present to take seriously the contentions of inexperienced enthusiasts who maintain there must be something basically wrong with an economic system that permitted pre-war unemployment and breakdown of markets and that allowed the present upheaval to come to pass."

Donald Cowie in New Zealand Financial Times, October, 1943.

'He is the strength of the poor,
He took unto himself the terns of the ages,
He took unto himself the strength of the ages,
He, like the morning stands over the world,
The world calls him Stalin.'

Poem (anonymous), published in 'People's Voice,' 12th April, 1944.

'You will find if you look through the Bible that many features of the Atlantic Charter are incorporated in it.'

Hon. T. D'Alton, High Commissioner for Australia in New Zealand, reported in the 'Evening Post,' 21st March, 1944.

'History teaches us that the people who have lived in Britain have always been superior to the people who have lived in Germany. We should learn from history that our supreme duty is to utterly destroy the power of the German people. They are not like us. From the earliest days we have been free and friendly, quick to co-operate with other friendly nations.'

New Zealand Financial Times, May, 1944.

Though her touch was light, it was sure, in that, with all its frankness of expression, she never once suggested the taint of purience unbecoming even in a modern American girl.'

Dramatic critic of the 'Dominion,' 21 July, 1944.

I wish to congratulate you on the inclusion of a racing column in the 'People's Voice.' . . . While not personally interested in horse-racing, which has no appeal to me, I welcome the column as a political feature. A recognition of the place that love of horse-flesh has in our colonial tradition, a part of our national heritage.'

Letter to 'People's Voice,' 5 July. 1944.

'Anyone taking up farming is taking up an admirable form of life which is simultaneously a hobby and an entertainment.'

Professor Riddet, Professor of Dairying at Massey Agricultural College. Auckland Herald, 29 June, 1944.

'For what is morality after all? It is to live so that the God who according to some of us exists in one way, according to some others in another way, who, according to some others does not exist at all, but whom we all desire to exist, that this God should be satisfied with our acts.

Mr. W. Appleton, Mayor of Wellington. Evening Post, 20 June. 1944.