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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1943

Graduates, 1943

page 31

Graduates, 1943

Masters of Arts with Honours.—Carter, Alan Herbert, First Claw in Mathematics; Harrison., Helen Mary, Third Class in Mathematics; Robinson, Florence Marie Winifred Lynette, First Class in Latin and French.

in absentia.—Cave, Catherine Alice, Second Class in English; English, Winifred Irene, Second-Class in Latin and Greek.

Masters of Arts.—Macaskill, Patrick, in French; Riddell, Gretta Gordon Clark, in Economics.

Bachelors of Arts.—Boyd, Mary Beatrice; Caird, Darcy Patrick; Cox, Carlien Estelle; Cramb, Sarah Twycross; Eichelbaum, Ann; Evison, Frank Foster; Ferguson, Janet Fergus; Fleming, Marie Louise; Grant, Janet Mary; Grice, Margaret Leone; Hill, Helen Clara; Hogg, Marion; Hussey, Nada Elizabeth; Jermyn, Janet Margaret; Jolly, Gwyn-neth Campbell; Langford, Isabel; Langford, Nancy; Lissienko, Inna; Markham, Valda; Money, John William; McMaster, Nita Marie; Neligan, Ruth Diana; Newell, William Hare; Ramsden, Ian Walter; Russell, George Harrison; Thornton, Norma Myrtle; Towgood, Winifred Nina; Turner, Rae.

in absentia.—Durward, Marjorie Beryl Scott; Ince, Millicent Ann; Robb, James Harding.

Masters of Science with Honours.—Henderson, Cedric Lynn, Third Class in Mathematics; Marwick, George, Second Class in Zoology; Morton, Ian Douglas, First Class in Chemistry; O'Donnell, Barrie George Michael, First Class in Physics; Ralph, Patricia Marjorie, Second Class in Zoology; Seelye, Ralph Nicholson, First Class in Chemistry.

Masters of Science.—Swinney, Elsie Maud, in Mathematics.

in absentia.—Lees, Alexander Clark, in Chemistry.

Bachelors of Science.—Brodie, James William; Jonathan, Shirley Rose; Marwick, Hugh; McDowall, Ian Campbell; O'Donnell, John Brian; Russell, Robert Angus Hamilton; Scott, Raymond Annesley; Simpson, Jack William Newby.

Bachelor of Law.—Gibson, Keith Gordon.

Master of Commerce with Honours.— Rosenberg, Wolfgang, First Class in Economics and Economic History.

Master of Commerce.—Gibson, Allan Reginald; Reilly, John Falconer (1941 Examination); Simpson, Doris Leslie; Starke, Laurence James Ravenscroft.

in absentia.—Clocomb, Stanley.

Diploma in Education.—Armstrong, Ernest Alexander.

Diploma in Banking.—Wilson, Kenneth Joseph.

Degrees Being Conferred at Other University College Ceremonies.

Bachelor of Arts.—Koplowitz-Kent, Heinz Siegfried (at University of Otago); Scoones, Stewart Thomas Henry (at Auckland University College).

Bachelor of Commerce.— Leathwick, Ralph Joseph (at Canterbury University College).

Degrees Already Conferred.

Master of Commerce.—Lau, Gert August, in Economics and Company Law.

Bachelors of Arts.—Allison, William Norman Andrew; Cooper, Alan William; Denniston, Ralph Hugh Francis; Hely, Arnold Stanley Mc-Math; McFarlane, John Douglas; Quinn, Kenneth Fleming.

Bachelor of Science.—Power, Jack Milgrew.

Bachelors of Commerce.— Bedbrook, John Kenneth; Martin, Donald Lewis Maunsell; Thompson, Donald John Alfred.

Diplomas Issued Since Graduation Ceremony, 1942.

Diploma of Honours.—Bray, Douglas Harrison, Second Class in Education.

Diploma in Education.—Alexander, Robert Ritchie; Banks, Norman Lindsay; Coad, Mar-garet Isidore; Mills, Edward William.

Degrees Conferred by Executive Meeting of Senate Since 1943 Graduation Ceremony.

Watson, Murray Bowler, B.A.; Lewin, John Philip B.A.; Bear, Winton Graham, B.Com.; Dale, Thomas Wilson, LL.B.


The following awards were made:—

Sir George Grey Scholarship.—

H. Marwick (declined)

I. C. McDowall.

Senior University Scholarships.—

G. H. Russell (English); K. F. Quinn (Greek); Janet F. Ferguson (French); Mary B. Mackersey (History) (equal); Gwynneth C. Jolly (Philosophy) (equal); J. W. Money (Education); R. H. F. Denniston (Applied Mathematics); R. A. Scott (Physics); H. Marwick (Zoology); M. E. Casey (Contract and Property).

Post Graduate Scholarship in Science.

I. D. Morton, M.Sc.

The Shirtcliffe Scholarship.—

W. H. I. Dawbin, M.Sc.

Sir Robert Stout Scholarship.—

R. H. F. Denniston, B.A.

Lady Stout Bursary.—

Mary B. Mackersey.

Alexander Crawford Scholarship.—

Mira S. Parsons (Arts).

J. C. P. Williams (Science).

Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarships.—

F. M. Todd, Marion Marwick.

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Lizzie Rath Bone Scholarship.—

Barbara J. Patrick.

Jacob Joseph Scholarships.—

W. H. I. Dawbin, M.Sc.; I. D. Morton, M.Sc.

page 33


Prizes were awarded as follows:—

Cook Memorial Prize.—

A. H. Carter.

Bruce Dall Prize.—

G. S. Bogle.

John P. Good Prize.—

G. H. F. McKenzie.

Macmorran Prize.—

Mira S. Parsons.

N.Z. Institute of Chemistry Prize.—

L. J. Lambourne.

Dr. W. E. Collins Class Prizes in English Literature.—

G. H. Russell, Joan E. Taylor, F. M. Todd.