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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1943

Photographic Jugdments

page 28

Photographic Jugdments

The Photographs submitted this year were twelve. Of these, Mr Perry, our Judge, has chosen six for placing and comment. The last of these, "Jerusalem University; Stage of the Open Air Theatre," a picture of more than usual student interest, is unfortunately very difficult to reproduce. In its place we print a sunset by the same photographer.

Mr Perry was favourably impressed by a greatly improved standard this year. We had feared that a Society for the Prevention of Photographers might also be required; our fears are laid at rest.

Here are the Judges comments:—

1st. Takaka Valley. By J. W. Brodie.

Beautiful aerial perspective, tone values very good. It is unfortunate that the hilltops and the river form an arrowhead pointing and taking the eye out of the picture to the left. If the river had turned back to the right in the middle distance or a sufficiently strong barrier in the form of a dark mass at right angles to the point of the arrow had been placed at the left one feels that the picture would have been greatly improved. In spite of this it is a very fine piece of work of a quality not often seen.

2nd. Sikh. By A. R. Anderson.

Pleasing L-shaped composition of a very interesting subject. Background, although modulated, slightly monotonous. One regrets that the rein should disappear out of the picture right at the very corner; because of this fact and the strong contrast it makes with the sky it draws far too much attention to its unimportant self. Picturesqueness and concentration of figure are very good.

3rd. Tasman Valley. By R. S. Unwin.

A picture of pleasing tones and full of interest.

4th. Mount Tasman. By R. S. Unwin.

Good quality print, full of detail but rather of the Government Tourist variety.

5th. Still Life. By J. W. Brodie.

There is too much contrast between the birds and their surroundings. The placing of the birds would be improved with about an inch and a-half trimmed off the right-hand side and about an inch off the top.

6th. Jerusalem University; Stage of the Open Air Theatre. By Sig. Gruber.

One is intrigued by the contrasts of interest in this picture. It is a pity a foreground was not a little stronger; as it is, the heavy sky at the top rather overbalances the composition. It is doubtful if this picture will reproduce well.