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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1942

Graduates, 1941

page 26

Graduates, 1941

Masters of Arts With Honours.—Bray, Douglas Harrison, Second Class in Philosophy; Clark, Cynthia Lesley, First Class in English; Daniell, Mary Raymond Wynn, Third Class in Latin and French; Fraser, Betty, First Class in French; Johnson, Elma Helen, First Class in English; Ross, George McKay, Second Class in Mathematics (1937 examination); Wade, Robert Hunter, Second Class in Economics. in absentia, Gallagher, Charles Vaughan, Third Class in Mathematics.

Masters of Arts.—Adams, Robert Arthur, in Philosophy; Corkill, Ronald John, in English and French; Coxon, Erle Anderson, in History; Edwards, Douglas George, in History; House, William Norman, in History; Mentiplay, Cedric Raymond, in History; Morrison, Alexander Wyndham, in Economics; Sweeney, Terence, in French. in absentia, Allan, Hector Frank, in History.

Bachelors of Arts.—Baumgart, Ian Lawrence; Birrell, Elvia Margaret; Caird, Millicent Gwenda (nee Ennis), Corner, Frank Henry; Culliford, Stanley George; Fuller, Kathleen Marjorie; Gosling, Colin Leslie; Grinstead, Eric Douglas; Jackson, Thomas Bernard; Kirkby, Edward Leonard; Masters, Stanley Ernest; Maysmor, Edna Durie; Pahl, Paul David; Quinlan, Hilma Marjorie May; Reed, Randolph Craig; Saker, Dorian Michael; Shaw, James Allan Sutcliffe; Todd, John Douglas; Whitlock, Sydney Broadley; Wilkinson, Janet Elaine; Witheford, Hubert.

in absentia.—Anderson, Noline Brooke; Clapham, Noel Pavitt; Clark, Arthur Frederick; Ferguson, James Taylor; Frankish, Mary Sybilla; Higgins, Henry Robert Walker; Journet, Terence Harry; Parker, John Francis; Street, Joyce Frances Elizabeth; Wilson, James Harrison.

Masters of Science with Honours.— Collins, Frederick Darien, First Class in Chemistry; Jamieson, Norman Danford, Second Class in Chemistry; Ongley, Patrick Augustine, Second Class in Chemistry; Osborn, Joy Ellen May, First Class in Botany; Winstone, Ernestine Alice, Third Class in Chemistry.

in absentia.—Martin, Gordon Calder, Third Class in Chemistry; Wellman, Harold William, Second Class in Geology.

Masters of Science.—Barker, Arthur John David, in Botany; Dale, James Atkinson, in Mathematics.

in absentia.—Thompson, Barbara Mary, in Chemistry; Willett, Richard Wright, in Geology.

Bachelors of Science.—Betts, Frederick Francis; Browne, Mervyn Leslie; Collin, Rex Newton; Dale, John Murray; de la Mare, Peter Bernard David; Gandar, Leslie Walter; Henderson, Cedric Lynn; Hansen, Roy Penrose; Kerr, Walter Francis; Kuchen, Jack Owen; Lomas, John Peter; Love, Jack; Malcolm, Marion Eveline; Marsh, Beryl Muriel; Marwick, George; Matthews, Barbara Dawn; McKenzie, Edith Esther; Ralph, Patricia Marjorie; Ramage, Colin Stokes; Shannon, Raymond Thomas; Wallace, Garth Morton; Williamson, Edwin Andrew; Williamson, Hudson Miles.

in absentia.—Emmett, Sefton Thomas Alva; Oliver, Arthur Pleasant; Robertshawe, William Ashborne; Thomson, Jean Gertrude; Wicks, John Sutherland.

Doctor of Laws—Mazengarb, Oswald Chettle.

Master of Laws.—Hercus, Allan Gordon, in International Law and Conflict of Laws, Real Property, Trusts.

Bachelors of Laws.—Aikman, Colin Campbell; Bergin, Joseph Bernard; Cornford, Peter Anstie; Doole, Thomas James; Matthewson, George William Alexander; McGavin, Patrick Connolly Pearse; Morgan, Maurice Lewis; Ogilvie, Lindsay Barrie; Till, John Walter George; Wilson, Justin Frank.

in absentia.—Warren, Percy Holdsworth.

Masters of Commerce with Honours. —McAllister, Ian David,Third Class in Economics and Economic History; Stacey, John Samuel, First Class in Economics and Economic History.

Bachelors of Commerce.—Brewer, Gordon William; Carroll, Robert Ross; Higgin, Patricia Hope; Hogan, Desmond Leo; Kelly, Hugh William; King, Eric;, Mahood, Thomas Stanley; McEnnis Jack Iveagh; Ombler, Stanley Abbot; Pavitt, Norman Harry; Roberts, Ian McLaren; Stevenson, Nancy Isobel; Taylor, Arthur George Emmanuel; Webb, Roland Dudley; Wilson, James Oakley.

in absentia—Bown, Ernest Leonard Guy; Civil, Harold Keith; Cocks, Donald Arthur; Ryan, George Theodore (1939).

Diplomas in Education.—Meads, Owen Samuel (1937 examination); Willoughby, Herbert Jefficote.

Scholarships and Prizes

The Sir George Grey Scholarship: P. B. de la Mare (B.SC.)

Senior University Scholarships:

D. M. Saker (equal, Greek)

P. B. D. de la Mare (Chemistry)

The John Tinline Scholarship:

J. D. Todd

Travelling Scholarship in Arts:

Betty Fraser (M.A.)

The Shirtcliffe Fellowship:

F. D. Collins (M.SC.)

The Sir Robert Stout Scholarship:

P. B. D. de la Mare (B.SC.)

The Lady Stout Bursary:

Patricia H. Higgin

Alexander Crawford Scholarship:

B. G. M. O'Donnell

Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarships:

I. D. Morton

Florence M. W. Robinson

Lissie Rath Bone Scholarship:

Ruth M. Dowden

Jacob Joseph Scholarships:

F. D. Collins (M.SC.)

N. D. Jamieson (M.SC.)

Butterworth's Prize:

J. V. Scott

Chief Justice's Prize:

No award

Bruce Dall Prize:

I. D. Morton

John P. Good Prize:

A. B. Dodson

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry

No award

Macmorran Prize:

B. G. M. O'Donnell


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The Students' Association Executive, 1941

The Students' Association Executive, 1941

Back Row (from left) : Miss ann Eichelbaum, Miss M. S. Sutch, R.N. Collin, Miss Beatrice Hutchison, P. Taylor, D. Cohen, Miss Janet Bogle.

Front Row : S. Devine (Honorary secretary), Miss E. Durie Maysmor (Women's Vice-President), J.R. McCreary (President), M.L. Boyd (Vice-President), W. Rosenberg (Honorary Treasurer).

The Students' Association Executive, 1942

The Students' Association Executive, 1942

Back Row (from left): O. Creed, H. Williamson, Miss Beryl Harley-Brown, W. Rosenberg, Miss daisy Filmer, Miss J. Grant.

Front Row : Miss Ann Eichelbaum, l. Starke (Honorary Treasurer), Miss Janet Bogle (Women's Vice-President), Cpl. M.L. Boyd (President), J.W. Winchester (Vice-President), Miss Mary Mackersey (Honorary Secretary).

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The Graduates, 1941

The Graduates, 1941

The Graduates, 1942

The Graduates, 1942