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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1941

Double Concerto

page 42

Double Concerto

Violin 1
(Tempo Giusto)
The lilt of the river
That runs over stone.
The quick fluted shiver
And crystalline tone.
The brittle light falls
In cadences taut.
A burst of bright flashes
Staccato and short.

Violin II
(Adagio Molto)
It is the golden clarity
of sound
in falling rain.
The swirling voluptuous surge
of a warm silence,
Moving ripely and roundly
Comfortably insistent
To make a silent end.

Le rhythme lourd des gros tambours . . .
Saccade, saccade, strident....
Majestic insistence,
Dull-thudding force.
Long columns of ruddy-coloured sound
In polyphonic juxtaposition.
Intricate pattern of reddish-brown noise
modulating into sepia.
Saccade, saccade, strident....
Thin shafts of white sound,
Little eddying pools
In the purpling vortex.
(poco a poco accelerando)
Saccade, saccade, strident,
Saccade, Saccade,