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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1938


page 44


The New Zealand Universitys' Association is the national organization of the Students' associations of the four University College. From Easter, 1939, Lincoln College, canterbury, will also be affiliated to the association.

Founded for the purpose of promoting the welfare of students throughout New Zealand, "N.Z.U.S.A." has for some time unfortunately been little more than a name to the majority of students. It is gratifying to see that this ignorance is fast disappearing—at least at V.U.C.—since permanent headquarters have been established in Wellington.

The Executive of the Association consists of a chairman, secretary and treasurer, and a resident member representing each constituent organisation. In each college a member of the local executive, known as the corresponding member, represents the Association. This system ensures that the Executive is representative of the opinions of all colleges. An annual general meeting held at the venue of Tournament and a half-yearly meeting at headquarters give colleges an opportunity of stating their opinions through personal representatives.

All members of the V.U.C. Students' Association are automatically members of the N.Z.U.S.A. and the facilities provided at the headquarters offices are available to them. The offices are in Norwich Chambers, 153-5 Featherston Street, and among other useful features provides a comprehensive set of University student publications from both New Zealand and overseas. There is also an Information Bureau, which can answer inquiries on all matters concerning such things as University courses and travel overseas.

Affiliated to N.Z.U.S.A. are all the N.Z.U. Sports Councils, the N.Z.U. Tournament Committees, and the recently formed N.Z.U. Press Bureau. The Association also controls the annual debating contest for the Joynt Scroll between the four University Colleges and Massey College; and the triennial oratory contest for the Bledisloe Medal.

Another activity undertaken by the Association is the promotion of tours by overseas students, such as the recent tour of the LeMoyne College debaters. This' latter tour showed the efficiency of the elaborate organisation of the Association throughout New Zealand, and resulted in over £ 100 being placed in reserve to provide funds for sending N.Z.U. debating teams overseas. Arrangements are now in hand with the Australian Universities Students' Association for regular debating tours between the two countries.

N.Z.U.S.A. is affiliated to the world organisation—Confederation Internationale des Etudiants (C.I.E.) and as agent for that body issues the C.I.E. Student. Identity Card. This card, which is a form of student passport, is invaluable to students travelling overseas. The big demand for them this year has shown that their value is at last becoming known to the general body of students. They not only serve as an introduction to the student organisation in whatever country the holder may visit, but also entitle bona fide students travelling overseas to substantial reductions in fares and hotel tariffs, and to all other facilities of the extensive C.I.E. organisation. A paid office assistant is at the N.Z.U.S.A. rooms for five hours daily, and further particulars can be obtained from her.

Mr. A. T. S. McGhie (a former V.U.C. student) acts as the official representative of the Association in England, and keeps the Association in close touch with affairs there.

N.Z.U.S.A. is now taking its part with the other Universities of the world in the many important student conferences which are held from time to time. It was represented at the last Annual Congress of the English National Union of Students at Not- page 45 tingham by Mr. McGhie; at the twentieth International Congress at Glasgow by Mr. J. S. Hatherly, and at the second World Youth Peace Congress in America by Mr. A. H. Katz.

From the foregoing short account of the Association s activities it will be seen that N.Z.U.S.A. performs functions which are of vital importance to every student, and it is to be hoped that this report on its activities will become a regular feature of "Spike," and help to dispel the regrettable ignorance of most students concerning the Association.

All we can say in conclusion is that this Association exists for your benefit. Use it!—R.S.C.A.

Office-Bearers: President, Mr. A. P. Blair, LL.B. (A.U.C.); Chairman, Mr. R. S. C. Agar, LL.B.; Secretary, Mr. J. B. Aimers, LL.B.; Treasurer, Mr. D. M. Hatherly.

Resident Members of Executive: Mr. B. Orchiston (A.U.C.), Mr. M. McG. Cooper, B.Agr.Sc., B.Litt. (M.A.C.), Miss Helen Maysmor (V.U.C.), Miss Mary Mules, B.A. (C.U.C.), Mr. R. W. Munro, M.Sc. (O.U.). Corresponding Member at V.U.C.: Miss Helen Maysmor.