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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1937

Athletic Club

Athletic Club

The 1936-37 Season was generally a disappointing one for Wellington athletes—a large proportion of wet weather prevented consistent training and active competition. However, the season for this Club was satisfactory; it did well in the various competitions for which it was entered, and the gold "V" was well to the fore at the sports meetings held in Wellington.

The use of Hataitai Park for training and sports meetings during the season was a great asset to Wellington athletes, although they were not able to make the fullest use of it. This Club, however, is fortunate in having the use of Kelburn Park and the Weir House basement for training purposes, as well as the able and willing services of C. B. Allan Esq., the Club Coach, and a past Varsity and New Zealand champion. With these advantages therefore, we are not benefited by using Hataitai Park to the same extent as are other clubs.

A feature of the early part of the season was a social gathering made possible and put into effect by the present Club Captain, Mr. W. R. Birks, and his predecessor, Mr. S. Eade. The guest of honour was H. H. McCormick Esq., President of the Club and well-known in New Zealand amateur athletic circles. Mr. McCormick gave a most interesting talk on Jack Lovelock's ideas about athletics, and was able to pass on to his audience the benefit of personal acquaintance with the great athlete during his tour of this country at the end of last year.

On the track, the Club made a good showing in the Dewar Shield Inter-club competition, winning second place. At the Provincial Championships, we achieved second place for the McVilly Shield, thanks particularly to L. S. Black, who won the 880 yards Championship in convincing style, and to H. J. M. Abraham, who carried all before him in the two longer Hurdles events. Our Relay team, consisting of Clarke, Bowyer, Gorringe and Black distinguished itself by winning the Mile Medley Relay Race, and upheld the Club's high reputation in these events in Wellington.

Black was our only member to represent the Pro-vince. He competed against Canterbury at Christ-church, and in the National Championships at Auckland. Abraham, in view of his proved ability over page 61 the "sticks," was most unlucky in not being included in the Provincial team for Auckland, and on actual performances at the National meeting, he would certainly have been placed in at least one event.

Massey College again competed at the Interfaculty Sports, and the meeting was very successful. Competition was keen and interesting, Law and Commerce winning the banner by a narrow margin.

Our Tournament team was strengthened by the inclusion of four Massey men, but even so we were unable to lose the Wooden Spoon; Tournament was none the less most enjoyable.

Owing to the wet weather we were able to hold only three Club meetings, but these were well attended by numbers of young members. We look to these younger members to carry on the work of the Club next season, and on their showing this year some of them should soon be well up in Wellington athletics. Furthermore, under the system of competition to be adopted for use in Wellington next season, junior members will be just as valuable as the more seasoned athletes, as events will be contested in three grades, the winner of the bottom grade gaining just as many points and being just as valuable to the Club as his fortunate fellow in the top grade.

As far as the material rewards for following this sport are concerned, bona fide student members of the Club are eligible for College and N.Z.U. Blues, and there are also several trophies awarded every year. Successful athletes for last season were:—

College Blues: H. J. M. Abraham and L. S. Black. Heinemann Cup (for most improved athlete): A. A. Congalton.

Dunbar Cup (for most points gained in season): H. J. M. Abraham.

Ladies' Cup (for best performance at Inter-Faculty). H. J. M. Abraham.

Oram Cup (for most points at Inter-Faculty): H. J. M. Abraham.

Old Members' Cup (for most points at Club's meetings): H. G. Bowyer.