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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1937

Student Christian Movement

page 77

Student Christian Movement

The Victoria College Student Christian Movement can look back with pleasure on a busy and successful year. Its fellowship has been warm and its activity sustained. The number of students actively interested in the Movement has increased considerably, this no doubt being due in part to the increased number of students attending the College this year.

The activities of the Movement have been more or less the same as in previous years, although there have been several interesting variations. A weekly study circle has been led by the Rev. D. J. Davies, who took as his subjects, "The Development of the Belief in Immortality," and the book "Ecclesiastes." Another circle which a number of Victoria students have attended has been held at the Training College. Under the leadership of Rev. J. S. Murray, this circle studied the main doctrines of the Church as outlined in the New Testament. Both these circles have been well attended. The usual Monday Evening Intercession circle has been made use of by many students and accordingly it has been found advisable to hold similar circles on Thursday and Friday evenings.

The sales of the Student, the journal of the New Zealand Student Christian Movement have increased in the College by fifty per cent, and its reorganisation this year has met with favourable comment from its readers.

The theme of the year's work has been mostly related to questions of personal faith, while the remainder of the year will be occupied with studying Christianity and Society. Shortly after the beginning of the year. the Rev. Gordon Mckenzie addressed a gathering of students on "Growth and Perplexity in the Christian Life," while at Camps we have studied "The Meaning and Implications of Faith in Christ," and "The Resurrection." The Winter Camp was replaced by a Sunday Retreat with "Prayer" as its theme.

In May we were privileged to have with us for the greater part of a week, Dr. T. Z. Koo, one of the travelling secretaries of the World Federation of Student Christian Movements. Although he was only able to give us one address at the University itself, he was warmly received by a Gymnasium packed with students whom he delighted with his vivid personality, his cultured bearing and speech, and above all, by his convincing message. His subject was, "Avenues to the Reality of God."

Dr. Koo also spoke at a number of public meetings in the City, which were well attended by students.

Opportunities have been given during the year for the free discussion of religious subjects.

After addresses given by Archdeacon Bullock and Rev. O. E. Burton on "Is Christianity Out of Date?" and "Church or State," discussions were enthusiastically conducted.

As well as two Camps and several Sunday Teas, a number of tramps were held at the beginning of the year to give freshers an opportunity of becoming familiar with the Movement. We have further extended our social activities by holding regular evenings in students' homes. At each of these evenings a friend of the Movement has given a short address, after which the gathering has entered into the business of discussion, singing, and supper in the true S.C.M. spirit.

The Movement has manifested its willingness to be of service in the College by running as usual the second-hand bookstall when the College session opened. £7 of the proceeds from the bookstall have been donated to the Building Fund. At the same time, the Students' Handbook was published in attractive form, and our Information Bureau taught freshers the paths of the wise.

The Student Christian Movement is always ready to welcome your interest, your enquiry, or even your opposition.