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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1937

Photographic Club

Photographic Club

The Photographic Club it one of the youngest in the College, so that it is perhaps appropriate that it should devote itself to one of the youngest of the arts. By means of talks, demonstrations, and visits to places of interest, the club is attempting to show all those that have a camera (and there are few people who have not) that they have at their disposal an extremely convenient medium for artistic expression. Some of the attempts of members to gratify their yearnings in this direction are demonstrated by the illustrations in this magazine.

This year we have had talks by Mr. J. W. Johnson on 'Finishing the Exhibition Print," and Miss Elisabeth Greenwood on "The Snapshot in Relation to Portraiture," and visits to the Portrait Studios of Mr. Spencer Digby, and the Dominion's processing department. The beginner, too, has been catered for, demonstrations of development and contact printing being held in the club darkroom. The Club is fortunate in having this room, which is tolerably well equipped for all branches of photographic work, and which is available to all members on application to the secretary for the key.

Once again the Club co-operated with Spike in arranging for its annual photographic competition, which was judged by Messrs. J. W. Chapman Taylor and J. W. Johnson. The judges' remarks on the entries, will be found in another part of the magazine.

It is perhaps unfortunate that there are in the College a number of persons who are unaware of the facilities provided by the Club, and of the excellent standard of work which is being produced by our members, and in order that they may be enlightened, the Club is trying to arrange for an exhibition to be held during the Third Term. The proceeds of this will be devoted to the Building Fund.

There is no doubt that this Club, by its talks and demonstrations is doing much to encourage one of the most accessible of the arts, and it is hoped that in the future, as in the past, the work of members will conform to the highest traditions and ideals of photography.

The Club wishes to place on record its appreciation of the great assistance given us during the year by those people who have so kindly given talks and demonstrations and those who have co-operated with, us in arranging visits.