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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1937

Harrier Club

Harrier Club

A wealth of new talent, new trails and the appearance of the "Idle Along" pack aided by a Paterson cartoon, are possibly the most noteworthy features of the 1937 season of the Harrier Club.

We are left with pleasant memories of turbulent streams and an icy wind over the flax-flats behind Wallaceville, of sunlit cliffs at Titahi Bay, and the lonely cries of the gulls as they encircle the mighty spire on the hills; and of course, the thought of those cheering cups round the fireside's glow have helped to link us in bonds of friendship both to those who have showered their hospitality on us, and to those amongst ourselves whose acquaintance we had not previously made.

An indication, too, of the firm establishment of the Club in College life is that many of the older members, while retaining close connection with the Club have now yielded the most responsible activities to younger men. To the enthusiasm of the latter is due in no small measure, the success of the Club this season.

The first race of the year, the Novice, went to Price, followed by Burge and Morpeth. However, in the Sherwood Cup race, Scrymgeour asserted a supremacy from which he has not yet been displaced. Last year's champion, Cairns, ran into second place. The winner of the Cup on the handicap was Hutchens, who continued the long succession of comparative new-comers to attain this laurel.

In the Five Mile Championship held recently at Lyall Bay, Scrymgeour was again the winner, followed by Cairns, Bagnall, Burge, and O'Flynn in that order. The only remaining Club race to be decided is the eight-mile race for the Endeavour Cup, a trophy generously donated this year by an old and enthusiastic member, and we take this opportunity to express our gratitude and obligation to him.

The Club has also been fortunate in receiving a further handsome trophy this year from another old member who prefers, however, by reason of his modesty, that his name should be written only in the memory of the Club. This Cup, which is to be held each year by the Club Champion, will be known as the Shorland Cup.

In Inter-Club events the Club has to date experienced its greatest success, as such, since its inception. In the Dome Cup race at Lower Hutt, we secured fourth place as a team, and in the individual placings in a field of about 185 runners, Scrymgeour was 6th, Cairns 17th, and Horsley 26th. This performance was even bettered in the Vosseler Shield Race at .Lyall Bay, where the Club finished third, Scrymgeour again securing highest placing in the individual list. The Provincial Championships have not yet been decided, but we anticipate there a continuance of our previous successes.

And now we are again on the eve of the N.Z-U. Cross Country Championship for the Dixon Trophy. We understand that competition will be strong, but our hopes run high, and if willing hearts are any criterion of athletic prowess, we can visualise a further prize being added to the Trophy shelves at V.U.C.

Finally, it is fitting that we should record our gratitude to the many friends of the Club who have contributed so much to our enjoyment and to the development of the social side of our activities, with, once again, a special reference to our untiring friend and trainer, G. C. Sherwood, whose efforts we hope this year to reward by success in the N.Z.U.C.C.C. race.

Note.—The New Zealand University Cross-Country Championships have recently been decided at Lyall Bay, and resulted in a win for Rogers (C.U.C.) with Scrymgeour (V.U.C.) second, in a fine finish. Victoria College (Scrymgeour 2nd, Horsley 4th, Cairns 5th, Bagnall 7th, Burge 8th) won the G. F. Dixon Trophy, with Canterbury second. The same team also ran third in the Wellington Provincial Championships, only 9 points behind the second team.