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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1937

Past Students

page 54

Past Students

As previously explained, I discovered some years ago that Victoria College possessed no permanent record of the names of those students who attended lectures there during any part of the period 1899—1915 inclusive. By searching the Registrar's receipt books for fees paid by students. I was able to compile such a list for the years 1899—1913 inclusive, but unfortunately the records for the years 1914—15 had already been destroyed. Lists of students who entered V.U.C. during each of the years 1899 to 1909 inclusive have already appeared in the Spike. and in continuation of that work the list of those who entered the College in the year 1910 is submitted herewith. It is, unfortunately, not complete so far as years of actual attendance of some students is concerned because of the difficulty above-mentioned of ascertaining whether they continued at V.U.C. subsequent to 1913.

There are ways in which further information can be obtained which will permit of the list being made complete, but I am sorry that I personally have not been able to undertake this extra work for the time being. The same difficulty presents itself in respect of the lists for 1911, 1912, and 1913, all of which I have in a form for final checking, but am unable to complete for this year's issue of the Spike. They will appear in a later issue.

G. F. Dixon.

List of Students Who Entered Victoria University College in 1910.

Andrew. Florence 1910-11-12-13.
Argyle, Doris Winifred 1910-11.
Baird, William George 1910-11-12-13-14.
Batten. Claude Wilfred 1910-11-12-13.
Bertrand, George Frederick 1910-11.
Biss, Hugh Roland 1910-11.
Bothamley, Robert Westley 1910 and 1912.
Brockett, Percy Cecil 1910-11.
Brown. Isabel 1910-11 (Mrs. A. Kerr).
Bruce. Robert Marshall 1910-11-12-13.
Burbush, Nellie Maria 1910-11 (Mrs. K. McK. Stevens).
Burgess, William Henry 1910-11.
Caigou, Charles Alexander 1910-11-12-13.
Carrick, Mary Elizabeth 1910-11-12.
Cattell. Sydney Rivers 1910.
Chapman, Albert William 1910.
Clere, Frederick Temple 1910-11-12-13-14.
Cooke, Philip Brunskill 1910-11-12.
Cox, Thomas Patrick 1910-11-12-13-14.
Danby, Gladys Cornelia 1910-11 (Mrs. F. M. Kempthorne).
Dempsey, Kate 1910.
Dixon. Lily Wallis 1910-11-12.
Duff. Ethel Margaret 1910-11-12-13.
Duff. Minnie 1910-11-12.
Egley, Bertram 1910-11-12-13.
Fitt, William Frederick 1910-11.
Flux, Doris Nellie 1910.
Fogelberg, Hilma Elvira 1910-11-12-13.
Gooder, Hazel Ninian 1910 and 1913.
Grey. Philip Oswald 1910-11-12.
Heath, Mary Elizabeth 1910-11-12 (Mrs. Ballantyne).
Henderson. Margaret Elizabeth Alice 1910-11.
Hill, John Lionel Coendoz 1910-11.
Hill, Percival Coendoz 1910-11.
Hodson, Frederick Stanley 1910-11-12.
Holmes, Edith 1910-11-12.
Hopkirk, Susan Margaret 1910-11-12-13.page 55
Howie, Richard Arthur 1910-11.
Hurrell, Elsie 1910-11-12 (Mrs. C. Saint).
Johnson. William Howard 1910-11.
Johnstone, Allan Murray 1910-11.
Jowett, Harold 19140-11-12-13.
Kempthorne, Maurice Frederick 1910-11-12-13.
Lankshear, Bernard Russell 1910-11.
Larcombe, Albert Frederick 1910-11.
Litchfield. Eldon Munro 1910-11.
Macalister, James Eric 1910.
Macalister, Robert Lachlan 1910-11-12-13-14.
McBean, Ernest Stuart 1910-11.
McCarrison, Helen pEllen) 1910 and 1912-13.
McCormick, Daniel Thomas 1910-11.
McKay, Douglas Leslie 1910-11-12.
Mackenzie, Frank Ezekiel 1910-11-12-13.
Mackersey, Errol Meredith 1910-11-12-13.
Mahoney, Mabel Annie 1910-11.
Mason, Dorothy Emily Rex 1910-11 and 1913.
Mellor, Helen Mary 1910-11-12-13 (Mrs. H. H. Daniell).
Middlemiss, Noel Allan 1910-11.
Miller. Edith Phoebe 1910-11.
Mills, Everard Arnold 1910.
Montagu. Grace Maude Elizabeth 1910-11 (Mrs. W. J. Hawker).
Nathan. Anthony Carroll 1910-11-12-13.
O'Shea, Thomas 1910-11-12-13.
O'SuIlivan. Moya Kathleen 1910-11 (Mrs. H. Lawson).
Parker. John Basil 1910-11-12-13.
Paulsen. Norman Matthias 1910-11-12-13.
Payne. Amy Sarah 1910-11 (Mrs. A. S. Jones).
Peart, Catherine Louisa 1910-11.
Phillips. (?Philip) William Hill 1910.
Pigott, Elizabeth Mary 1910-11-12-13.
Priest, Esther Elizabeth 1910-11 (Mrs. F. T. Williamson).
Quinn, Henry Edward Patrick 1910-11.
Raikes, Francis Campbell 1910.
Reader. Guy Howard 1910-11.
Reynell, Gladys Lilian 1910 (Mrs. A. Thompson).
Richmond, Helen Macdonald 1910 and 1912-13 (Mrs. A. B. Simpson).
Richmond. Marietta Dorothy 1910-11-12.
Ross. Kenneth 1910-11-12.
Rothwell. Leah Elizabeth 1910 (Mrs. J. F. M. Stinear).
Rowntree. Ernest Henry Waltham 1910-11-12-13.
Russell, Helen Gavin 1910-11 (Mrs. Marcus D. Smith).
Schmidt, Joseph George 1910.
Scott, Alexander Samuel 1910-11 and 1913.
Scott, John Alexander 1910-11-12-13.
Shepherd, Mildred Florence 1910-11 (Mrs. A. J. Papps).
Simonds, Hubert Walter 1910.
Stainton, William Houkamau 1910-11-12-13.
Tattle, Leonard Walter 1910.
Webb, Alice Hewitt 1910-11.
Wells, John Fitzpatrick 1910-11.
White, Angusina 1910.
Wiseman, Mabel Dorothy 1910-11 (Mrs. H. Burrell).
Wood, Horace William 1910-11.
Woodruffe, Ida 1910-11.


Aston, Cyril 1910 (Karori) December 1911
Clachan, William James 1910-11-12 (Great War) 6 January, 1918
Corner, George Broderick 1910 (Little Rakaia) 25 July, 1913.
Dundon, William Thomas 1910-11 (Great War) 5 June, 1915
Dowling, Mary Francesca Compere 1910-11 (Hawera) 22 November, 1918page 56
Fulton, John Graeme Blundell 1910-11-12-13-14 (London) 2 January, 1923
Gardner, Thomas (Rev.) 1910-11-12 (Pongaroa) 8 December, 1918
Jackson, George Covell 1910-11-12 (Great War) 5 June, 1915
Liardet, Leonard Maughan 1910-11-12-13 (Great War) 3 October. 1916
Matheson, Graham Groves 1910-11-12-13 (Great War) 7 June, 1917
McArthur, Alfred Alexander 1910-11 (Great War) 2 June. 1916
McMurrich, Duncan 1910 (Great War) 12 October 1917
Milne, Christina Thomas 1910-11 (Woodville) 30th August. 1926
Munro, Kenneth 1910-11-12 (Great War) 3 July, 1916
Salmond, William Guthrie 1910-11 (Great War) 9 July, 1918
Tolley, Jessie 1910-11-12-13 (Auckland) 17 March, 1917
Yeats, Douglas Duncan Mearns 1910-11-12-13-14 (Great War) 22 October, 1916