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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1937

Love's Young Dream

page 23

Love's Young Dream

We're ower young,
We're ower young,
We're ower young tae marry yet;
I ken it's fun
But fower pun
A week wad never carry it.

Lass, bide a wee—
I'm twenty-three
And ye're but ae and twenty yet;
I'll save it a'
A year or twa,
And we'll be crouse and canty yet.

Noo dinna greet,
It isna meet
Tae plunge in matrimony yet:
As prices are
A hoose and car
Wad lave us a' but stony yet.

I'm thirty-five
And fain tae wive,
But mauna wed ma Jeannie yet:
The struggle sair
Of banking mair
My furrowed broos delineate.

It's waxing late
I'm forty-eight,
Though marry ye I dare na yet;
But gin we're thrifty
E'er ye're fifty
We s'll hae a bairnic yet!