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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1937. Volume 8. Number 15.

Special Feature - A Reply to a Reply to a Letter in" Smad"

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Special Feature - A Reply to a Reply to a Letter in" Smad"

Uninspired Newsorgan "Smad" oozing drop by drop its final lamentable conglomeration of sticky stupidity utterly collapses in its futile attempts to discredit our disinterested criticism - criticism, be it said, backed by the powerful forces of student opinion. With a characteristic evasion of the real issues these literary adolescents who control the destinies of "Smad" impudently interpret our letter as being dictated by personal animosity. Without any exceptions "Whatsoever, university office-holders from the aloof majesty of the Collage Council down to the vapping superficiality of the "Smad" staff, regard adverse criticism of their particular activities as an unmerited attack on their personal integrity. Accordingly, we were not in the least astonished by the attitude adopted in the reply to our letter.