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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1937. Volume 8. Number 5.



The Boxing Tournament saw Canterbury retain the Boxing Shield, an achievement which occasioned no little surprise as Otago had a finalist in every weight to Canterbury's three, and yet had to be content with only two titles. The V.U.C. team was under a disadvantage in that some of its members were suffering from colds but we cannot deny that more success would have come its way had one or two of the members paid stricter attention to training. Certainly the condition and resulting display of some of our representatives was a great disappointment to their team mates, their trainer, their supporters and the College.

The Bouts:

Bantam weight:

G. H. Turner (8.8), A.U.C., beat B. C. Campbell (8.9), V.U.C. Turner mixed his greater height and reach in the opening rounds to pile up points, but was battered by the shorter and sturdied Campbell who punched hard and effectively with both hands.


B. V. McGeorge (8.8), O.U., beat A. Grey (8.10), C.U.C.


N. Blake (9.3), C.U.C., beat S. P. Walsh (9.3), V.U.C., on a technical knock-out.

Blake, though inferior in boxing ability to Walsh, made most of the fighting and with stinging lefts had Walsh down for eight early. He repeated this performance in the later rounds, the referee stopping the fight in the third.

The defeat of Walsh, a boxer of undobuted ability, and the holder of many trophies for scientific boxing, was a great disappointment to V.U.C. supporters and here inferior fitness was a deciding factor.


Blake, C.U.C., beat Tuckey, O.U.


T. Kent (9.10),V.U.C., beat H. J McDonald (9.13), A.U.C.

Kent, who gave far more punishment than he received, won every round.


Adams (9.10), O.U., beat Kent, t.k.o.

Adams, a sturdier and more rugged fighter, was too good for Kent and was not hit much throughout the bout. In the third Adams hit kent all round the ring, the referee saving a knock-out when 14 minutes had gone.


P. H. Ryan (10.6), V.U.C., beat J. K. Menzies (10.8), C.U.C., on a t.k.o.

Ryan was scarcely hit but Menzies took enough punishment to knock out most boxers. He was very game, but knew little about boxing.


Ryan beat Foley (10.6), O.U.

This was the best fight of the tournament, both contestants showing wide variety both in attack and defence. Ryan was an object lesson to his team mates in that he made the fighting from the initial gong. He attacked from the start and, except for the third round, had a sufficient points lead throughout to take a close but very popular decision.

Ryan was awarded the N.Z. Breweries Trophy for the most scientific boxer.

Middle Weight:

Rutherford (11.2), O.U., beat E. H. Miller (10.8), V.U.C.

Superior height and weight gave Rutherford a great advantage, and against a hard-hitting, two-handed fighter of this type, Miller performed very well indeed and went the full distance, Rutherford winning comfortably on points.


Amies (10.12), C.U.C., beat Rutherford, O.U.

Light Heivyweight.

J. V. Kean (11.8). O.U., beat G. Dandy (11.12), V.U.C.

Kean led throughout in an uninteresting bout, and though Dandy landed a few heavy blows, Kean had no difficulty in taking the decision from a very tired Dandy.


Barnes (11.6), C.U.C., beat Kean (O.U.).


Q. Vosailagi (12.2), O.U., beat F. Bowling (12.9), V.U.C. z z z

This was a poor about in which both men were disinclined to come to close quarters. Bowling would have won if he had made more of the fighting.


McHugh (13.0), A.U.C., beat Vosailagi O.U.