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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1937. Volume 8. Number 5.

Music, Painting, Sculpture, Literature

Music, Painting, Sculpture, Literature.

There is no doubt that this year there has been a great uplift in world prosperity and this has been reflected materially in the outlook of New Zealanders .particularly varsity students who now have something to which to look forward—the prospects of a good job The result has been an increase in general college activity. Additions are about to be made to our main buildings, the campaign for a new Students' Union bliding is in full swing; we have lost the tournament wooden spoon; and now an event of the greatest cultural importance for all intellectually-minded students has occurred: the Phoenix Club has been formed.

Such an institution, if well organised by enthusiastic live-wires, should fill a lamentable gap in the cultural back-ground of student life. We do not come to 'varsity to be crammed full of Green and Latin declensions which will be of no use to us in later life. Admittedly we come here to learn. However, our learning must also include topics outside the curriculum. We want a social and cultural education which will stand by us throughout life. Every student, unless he is an utter spineless jellyfish, should be eager to take the opportunity the Phoenix Club offers of furthering his or her acquaintance of music and the fine arts.

The object of the club is to foster an interest in all things cultural: music, sculpture, painting and literature, in particular modern poetry. All tastes are to be satisfied. One of the club's aims is to give gramophone recitals and, since the college has been the recipient of a Carnegie grant in the nature of a fine gramophone and a magnificent library of classical recordings, it is to be hoped that the appropriate authorities will see their way clear to co-operate with the club.

The Phoenix Club intends to do its best to further any promising embryo genius who may be discovered. Therefore anyone with artistic aspirations should join up. Last night Professor Shelley, who, as Director of Broadcasting, is making a great effort to disseminate culture by means of radio broadcasting, delivered a very interesting address before an attentive audience.