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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1937. Volume 8. Number 5.



H. R. C. Wild.—Lowered the dignity of his office by running round the decks of the Rangatira clad in his underpants. The cad! Lost his coat and his reputation.

R. W. Edgley... ?... ?... !! The Cad!

J. N. Sellers.—At tournament but not of it. The cad.

Bert Fussell.—The fair-haired boy with the blue eyes. Just one accident after another. First a little trouble with a bicycle necessitating four stitches, then a graceful fall from the first storey of C.U.C. onto the green grass below. Little damage reported. The cad!

Jack Ilott.—Put to bed three times on the night of the swimming. But the spirit of the Ilotts never dies. Adjusted matter by not going to bed after Tournie Ball breakfasted and lunched in dinner jacket, and in between visited his alma mater. The cad!

Bill Young (Canta).—Fair pop, boy! Fair pop! Have a bottle of beer (repeat six times). Left his car running through tournie to save starting it. The best of them all. Fair pop, boy! Fair pop! The cad!

J. C. White.—Chief anxiety. Edgley. The cad!

J. B. Aimers.—Officially seen at Akaroa after tournie (accompanied by Agar), taking a rest cure and regaining his voice. Spoilt it all when he got back to Christchurch. The cad.

R. S. V. Simpson.—Full of ideas at the first N.Z.U.S.A. meeting, but attended thereafter only to make eyes at the "Press" reporter. The cad!

Our delegates were by way of being an ideal combination. John's efficient of everything meant that all arrangements were perfect for the V.U.C. party, while we hear that his experience made him a valued member of the Tournament Committee. Bob's work on the social side made him known by every man and feared by every woman, but he did his job on the business side, too; and we have both of them to thank for the late nights of preparation before we left Wellington.

We think the Executive should make an official statement as to the number of its members who attended functions at Ass. Purchase's house, and what happened to them there. Also, were they acting officially, those two who took over the duties of temporary barmen at the Royal on Monday?