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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1936


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Adoration 64
An Opinion from London 63
Beatrice 68
Bed and Bath 60
Blues (N.Z.U. and V.U.C.) 71
"Cappicade" 6
Carte Blanche 22
Christmas Trip, 1935 61
Club Notes—Index 71
Death Dicing 20
Detached 33
Editorial 3
Ego 39
Estoilles Argent 52
Extinction 30
Fantasy 9
Footsteps 10
His Love for Her 24
Hugh Mackenzie, Professor 12
Japan Through a Footballer's Spectacles 42
La Joie de Vivre 32
Lament 68
Libretto 27
Medusa 24
Music 23
Mystery 7
Nocturne 19
Nocturne 37
Nursery Rhyme 36
Past Students 50
Peace or ? 34
Plunket Pleasantries 45
Politicians Pilloried 62
Progress 54
Quo Vadis? 17
Rain 61
Scholarships, 1936 27
Seafire 18
Selene 19
Serando 67
Song of the Melody-makers 23
Spike Competitions 56
Spring Madness 61
The Backbone 40
The Christ, the Ass, the Assenting 31
The Desert at Evening 49
The Mouse and the Vicar 58
The New Firm 28
The Origin of O.K. 38
The Pagan 47
The Poet and the Typewriter 15
The Year's Sport in Review 69
To a Materialist 5
To a Town Planner 31
To the Literary Staff of a Certain N.Z. Newspaper 33
To Those Who Have Escaped 8
Tournament, 1936 65
Twilight Comes 37
Two Devils 48
Vagrant Street 19
Valedictory Observations 13
Victoria College from Glasgow Street 8
Victoria University Graduates 1936 25
Weir House 66
Whenever Now I See a Rose 8
Why War? 39
Wireless Masts 7

The Spike is published once in the session and under the direction of the Victoria University College Students' Association (Inc.).

The Editorial Committee invites contributions either in prose or verse, on any subject of general interest, from students or officials connected with the College. All literary communications should be addressed to—

The Editor, Victoria College, Wellington.

Subscriptions—2/6 per copy—are now due and are payable to the Business Manager, Victoria College, Wellington.

Editor: B. A. Snowball.

Assistant Editors: K. Alexander, N. T. Clare, J. D. Freeman.

Sports Editor: W. M. Willis.

Business Manager: E. G. Budge.